I Wore The Ugliest Swimsuit In The World For A Day

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 22, 2017
  • It's finally summer! And so, for my next installment of "questionable fashion decisions", I wore the Beloved Shirts "Sexy Chest" Hairy Chest Swimsuit for a day at the beach and even pranked some friends with it, hehe. What do you guys think? Would you wear this? Is this the "ugliest swimsuit in the world"?

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    I got mine here: https://www.belovedshirts.com/products/sexy-chest-one-piece-swimsuit

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    Mind The Gap
    Tails And Top Hats
    Whats Cookin
    Jumping Jacks
    William Tell Overture
    Tommys Tango
    Mon Cheri
    La Valse Du Petit Cafe De Minuit
    Very Naughty Boy
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +10292

    HELLO MY LOVES!! what do u think? would u wear this swimsuit? is it the "ugliest swimsuit in the world"? i think its kind of awesome! also, who am i seeing at vidcon this weekend? LOVE U ALL!

  • Sian Billington
    Sian Billington  6 hours ago

    Colourblind people - Shes NAKED!!!!
    Colourblind Youtube demonetisation people: Demonetisation

  • India West
    India West  22 hours ago

    I feel embarrassed for her

  • Shivani Prabhu
    Shivani Prabhu  yesterday

    Okay after david and liza, safiya and tyler are my only hope

  • Molly Kasun
    Molly Kasun  yesterday

    Saf, you've got cast iron balls to wear that in public. I wish I had your level or bravery. You go girl!

  • Elrike Crause
    Elrike Crause  yesterday

    I love u wengy

  • the pretty woman
    the pretty woman  2 days ago

    Its a no no swimsuit girl

  • S u n F l o w e r

    "i've seen this sexy chest swimsuit"
    me: if sexy and ugly are the same words, i think that swimsuit is sexy as hell

  • midnight cheesecake girl

    Kids in 1970: in the future we’re gonna have flying cars!

    The future: Hairy chest swimsuits

  • svetla reni
    svetla reni  5 days ago


  • XtaeX
    XtaeX  5 days ago

    Shave your arms pls that’s gross

  • sacreligious boi
    sacreligious boi  5 days ago +2

    12:15 that guy is definitely videoing her ahahaha

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith  5 days ago

    looks totally fake and people will realize that ,, not so with my wifes big ass !

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith  5 days ago

    you would look good in anything or nothing !

  • Nicole Reina
    Nicole Reina  5 days ago

    Omg subscribed why has it taken me so long to find you

  • gbkity8 Bushnell
    gbkity8 Bushnell  5 days ago

    Hey what are you going to be for Halloween

    Cuz I'm going to be a Japanese Lolita

  • elyse andrew
    elyse andrew  6 days ago


  • ItZ A'merie
    ItZ A'merie  6 days ago


  • Yudi E
    Yudi E  7 days ago

    I love that you don’t feel embarrassed at all about trying out these weird things in public.

  • Augustė Jakipčuk

    Guy at 12:01 😂😂