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  • Published on:  Monday, December 31, 2018
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  • Jullian Leonard  5 months ago

    *Crazy Rich Asian Foreign exchange students entered the chat*

  • xHarm The Blink  4 days ago

    Almost all of the foreign exchange Asians at my school wear Gucci, Supreme, and Yeezy lmao.

  • WallTheMart  9 days ago

    @a t i agree with the middle easterns as well. I know a guy with a tonne of expensive sneakers and he said he hasnt worked a single hour in his life yet

  • tiredatm  3 months ago

    honestly, gucci and supreme have some great clothing, but HOLY SHIT most of these guys just look... Bad? The clothes don't even look expensive? Just my opinion though!

  • YoungRuger  4 hours ago


  • Cause Why Not?  2 months ago

    Meanwhile Billie Eilish over here dressing like a tent..

  • Riz_fb  2 days ago

    Cause Why Not? She also spends $200+ on the clothes

  • Meical  18 days ago

    Billie Ellis’s can dress in my opinion

  • AndreAgonia  4 months ago

    Just look at them: they're not fashionable, they just wear expensive stuff melting it together looking like clowns

  • Hank Threlkeld  21 days ago

    Usally some people are just braggingBut some people that wear it are fashionable

  • LIMEJELLY Ali  29 days ago

    Sounds like something squidward would say😂😂

  • HaziiVizon  2 months ago

    Notice the majority of these people spending all this money are young know they’re the type of people flexing their mamas money

  • Gregory Ha  6 days ago

    Mr. Lord360 same I work and I save up my own money for clothes/shoes, I hate when people are like “you shouldn’t spend your money like that” or “yea that’s just your parents money” but I guess it is what it is.

  • emma  2 months ago

    these people be spending my life savings on a pair or shoes

  • Mason Proctor  3 months ago

    I like how the button up shirt dude doesn’t wear any street wear brands but knew the most 😂

  • mikael pagé  14 days ago

    Mason Proctor the guy with the white jacket? This dude has a 400$ chrome heart cap bro whatchu talking bout 😂😂😂

  • Sour Onion Cream  27 days ago

    Look at successful billionaires in the world. They don’t wear this stuff.

  • NewAgeGod  4 months ago

    I buy clothes for 2 reasons.1- They look good2- they feel goodI don't buy shit just because of the brand name, regardless of if its $5 or $5000

  • Finn  5 days ago

    808 Reaper stfu

  • Lifragen  8 days ago

    There are a couple of popular watch brands out there that are literally buying pre-made Chinese quartz watches in bulk for less than a dollar a piece, putting their logo on them, and selling them for several hundred dollars. Nothing is added or altered except for a logo.

  • strime  3 months ago

    Bro imagine paying 2k for an outfit and not even look good, lmao!These people are absolutely insane thinking you need to pay that much to look good...

  • Josh Joshua  1 months ago

    That hoodie clean asf

  • Just A P39N  1 months ago

    My attire:$10 Giordano Tees$25 Wranglers$90 Adidas Questar (either drives or BYDs I forgot tho)Shit looks good.

  • Hugh Mungus  4 months ago

    Got bullied for wearing champion basketball shoes in elementary but now they out here flexing in them 😂😂

  • Meical  18 days ago

    Got bullied for wearing fila back in elementary school now people want it

  • J_El_Rey  20 days ago

    I got made fun of wearing the jacket back then and now look at these clowns wearing them smh...