Joe Rogan Experience #1182 - Nick Kroll

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
  • Nick Kroll is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Check out the new season of his animated series "Big Mouth" available now on Netflix.


  • Wyatt Steed
    Wyatt Steed  2 days ago

    "Down time and phone time are not good for you."

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith  2 days ago

    Aliens arrive on earth, "Hey, is your software any good?". Us, "Nah". "Ok, thanks, we'll move on".

  • Steve Trull
    Steve Trull  3 days ago

    Roman Galleons!

  • rodney king
    rodney king  5 days ago

    Joe "too big, fucked up" Rogan

  • me ogden
    me ogden  10 days ago

    Guttenberg was in ballers, Mahony played an excellent douche bag

  • Lv Garcia
    Lv Garcia  11 days ago

    Big mouth is hilarious 😆

  • J B
    J B  14 days ago

    Whats up with all the Z1onists on the show as of late, Joe? Suprised Abby was let on to expose what's really going on...

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case  14 days ago

    Joe "Vikings is a good show" Rogan

  • White Minority
    White Minority  16 days ago

    You all get left behind? Talk to text is where its at.

  • Philip Reed Wallace

    I loved “News Radio” while it was on. It was a great show. Phil Hartman RIP

  • Zachary Harris
    Zachary Harris  18 days ago

    "20 years" (joe referring to future tech around 15 min mark or so) hahahahah, hell no. Try at least 2000 years to have telepathic tech. Who knows........Joe you are not precognizant bud, lol.

  • Goonsquad Beepbeep

    Joe ''touch the mic'' rogan

  • dirk diggler
    dirk diggler  18 days ago

    its kinda cringeworthy listening to joe talk about writing comedy in front of nick kroll

  • Egbert Aethelbald
    Egbert Aethelbald  20 days ago

    1:29:00 never trust anyone who uses the phrase "clinically proven."

  • Lee Abrahams
    Lee Abrahams  20 days ago

    He says like too much, couldn't handle it had to bail. He even got Joe saying like.

  • welm 0
    welm 0  22 days ago

    switch to linux

  • jason mastrandrea
    jason mastrandrea  24 days ago

    I'm a pixel fanboy at the moment. If anyone wants to go from iCrack to weed Pie it's a nice detox and misdirect. No guff on either phone being better, fuck that argument just Pixel suits design centric data freeloading wannabee musicians and seudo photographers quite well. PEACE.

  • Jim The EDC Guy
    Jim The EDC Guy  25 days ago

    Joe "I got greedy" Rogan.

  • Jacqueline Martus
    Jacqueline Martus  25 days ago

    I agree with @Nickkroll about Mr. Goldman; he really was a showman; I'm not saying he didn't love his son but he sure did LOVE the camera and attention and that's horrible

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf  25 days ago

    Came here because Gordon Ramsay liked this video