I Bought a Cheap JDM Nissan from an Online Japanese Auto Auction! It was a Total STEAL!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 19, 2019
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    I found my Wife's Dream Car, a 1991 Nissan Figaro, super cheap at a Japanese Auto Auction Site. I Imported the Figaro from Japan and it looks to be mostly original. This was a great JDM find!

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  • Shaggs Katz
    Shaggs Katz  2 hours ago

    this guy is an a###### how stupid is he,

  • danmcdonald726
    danmcdonald726  2 hours ago

    Not a bad deal, there's a mint one for sale up by me for $6k with about 100k km's, I almost bought it to fill my RHD car box on my bucket list.

  • bhavkirat mavi
    bhavkirat mavi  17 hours ago

    Imagine you forgot the password to the app

  • Patchuchan
    Patchuchan  20 hours ago

    Looks like a mini version of the eleventh generation Thunderbird.

  • archechme
    archechme  21 hours ago

    Nice little cars, it's just like a 1991 version of the modern fiat 500, minus the crappiness.

  • FaceWindu
    FaceWindu  yesterday

    Happy wife happy life; AmIRight

  • Christopher Turk

    Thats a neat little car, my first was a 1972 Datsun 210 Wagon

  • Thurnis Haley
    Thurnis Haley  yesterday

    SHHH BE QUIET importing cars is a "little known secret" that many people know exist but are totally ignorant to how CHEAP it is, ESPECIALLY when it comes to JDM sports cars. A LOT of cars we find desirable were stored away as long term investments to sell once the 25 year mark was up. A good friend of mine imported an R32 GTST with only 50k miles for less than $10k all said and done.

  • Stephen Ranti
    Stephen Ranti  yesterday

    https://youtu.be/q5yhbcXdhhE Don't know if this link will work Sam you may find it interesting for your Wifes car!

  • Keith Whitty
    Keith Whitty  yesterday

    Nice reveal.

  • Seiba alter
    Seiba alter  2 days ago

    I can help you with your car problem. Just give me one. Lol.

  • seansverige
    seansverige  2 days ago

    FYI, Japan is a temperate zone: colour is a factor but it should be original paint, there may be some oxidation but a respray would make me immediately suspicious. Southern states much harsher environment for paint: probably more sophisticated now, but used to be the 'Florida test' where new paints were literally left out in FL sun to see how quickly they faded.

  • kai wilson
    kai wilson  2 days ago

    Overnight cars from Japan

  • aiyanna peoples
    aiyanna peoples  3 days ago

    That port is sh!t

  • Ricer Caliber
    Ricer Caliber  3 days ago

    Boring. I'm OUT

  • Shemar Collier
    Shemar Collier  4 days ago

    He is so selfish he’ll buy a Ferrari for himself an r8 an rs7 the list goes on all for himself but when it comes to putting down some money to make his wife happy he ain’t up for it I know he eventually got it for her but the way he put it 3:55 sounded selfish

  • Steven Mccullough

    Everything a Mercedes Benz is not. Simple, reliable, cheap and electrics made to last. Too bad the interior is in bad shape but, after all, it IS a convertible (which are noted for this problem). Good Job! Your wife will be thrilled! I can't wait to see it finished. I wonder what it would be like with an L88 crate motor in it, he he.

  • MultiRokusho
    MultiRokusho  4 days ago

    Is this in Ocala?

  • Fingerlink86
    Fingerlink86  5 days ago

    We get quite a few of these funky Japanese cars here in BC, Canada. There are dealers in Vancouver such as this one jdmcarimport.com I think they sell to the US market as well. I saw one Figaro in brown color at their show room.

  • GenesisTheDawg
    GenesisTheDawg  5 days ago

    not to be a dick but i got major vibes you were a shit husband when you said you wouldn’t drop 5 figures for your wife on one car when you literally have so many that you park them in a field