Standing Still For 24 Hours Straight - Statue Challenge

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 22, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  6 months ago +54499

    Subscribe plz

  • xCRAZx
    xCRAZx  6 months ago +10995

    If you slap a uncooked chicken 23,000 times you would have theoretically generated enough thermal energy to cook the chicken can you please confirm this theory

  • Audrey Matei
    Audrey Matei  2 months ago +2858

    the title was just to throw Morgz off

  • Ween scum
    Ween scum  2 months ago +1766

    When MrBeast clickbaits, we don't care

  • The Duffy Bears
    The Duffy Bears  1 months ago +353

    “Is your ice cream machine working”
    “Umm yes.”
    These words are only spoken once a century at a McDonald’s

  • Malachi and Don
    Malachi and Don  1 months ago +372

    Title: standing still for 24 hours
    Mrbeast: plays with toy cars

  • Military Update
    Military Update  6 months ago +8284

    Military support MrBeast and Pewdiepie

  • Emerson
    Emerson  7 days ago +120

    6:27 Damn, I feel bad about the person next to them, he said: "No salí yo (en la foto)" which means "I didn't appear in it"

  • Alex Duh
    Alex Duh  2 months ago +419

    “How many tries is it gonna take you?”
    literally makes it on the first try!

  • Super Scales Animals
    Super Scales Animals  2 months ago +529

    8:29 of course Chandlers eating too

  • Wolfmaster Alec
    Wolfmaster Alec  yesterday +6

    “ were being punished for being better then everyone else “
    ( 3:53 )

  • Evanxn
    Evanxn  2 months ago +138

    1:56 mrbeast voice crack

  • Dawn Martinez
    Dawn Martinez  2 months ago +279

    Jake's Mom: "so Jake why didn't you bring home the bacon"

  • KevinPlays Vela
    KevinPlays Vela  2 days ago +2

    Hi mr beast I love ur vids and can u help me out to get a car for my family

  • Flick Films
    Flick Films  4 days ago +40

    Mr. Beast: standing still for 24 hours
    Also Mr.Beast: say sike rn

  • FootBallHDFans
    FootBallHDFans  6 months ago +1637

    You’re actually a savage if you read more.
    Your year is full of goodluck łike to active. don’t read my profile picture😂

  • Kris
    Kris  2 months ago +129

    Mr. Beast: we have to stand around bc we don't have any money
    Also Mr. Beast: fIrSt tO FiNiSh GetS $10,000

  • Venus Schreave
    Venus Schreave  2 days ago +10

    Y'all, I was eating cereal while watching this and I started speed eating cause it was intense.

  • MyStic ChAn
    MyStic ChAn  5 days ago +26

    Chris and Dustin look soooo relax tho 😂😂😂😂

    DJ LOOPY  2 days ago +1

    The best videos you ever made you past Logan Paul and Jake Paul