Should We Live On Venus BEFORE Mars?

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 12, 2018
  • Colonizing Mars might seem like a great idea, but should we go to Venus instead?
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  • Comicsluvr
    Comicsluvr  5 days ago

    Mars is where everyone spends their money because Mars has better press agents. Seriously...sci-fi essentially STARTED with H.G. Wells writing about visitors from there. Movies have been made about it. Mars gets ALL the great press. What we need is a great book or movie about colonizing Venus. Something that people can see on the big screen...

  • TinyBunngiey Thing


  • brad tedrick
    brad tedrick  7 days ago


  • brad tedrick
    brad tedrick  7 days ago


  • Guru Prasad
    Guru Prasad  7 days ago

    @2:08 its Rajnikanth

  • Gino Foogle
    Gino Foogle  7 days ago +1

    Let's not colonize anything and first terraform venus mars whatever with robots/asteroids/factories/etc. and then we can start ww3 because we can't agree who gets what part of what planet.. and just annihilate the human race.

  • Galaxy Playz
    Galaxy Playz  7 days ago

    3:06 IT WILL BE "WARMER~!!!!"

  • Connectively
    Connectively  7 days ago

    @Life Noggin, why would you even TRY getting onto Venus. First of all you won't be able to take one step on it without completely killing yourself. Secondly, 425 Degrees? Are you out of your mind?? NO ONE CAN STAND THAT HEAT, even if we tried putting these fireproof space suits on, we will barely have enough for like 10000 out of 7.4 billion of the worlds population. And third of all its litterly closer to the sun than Earth. Why dont we just stay on a beautiful mother earth than move to Mars when the sun gets to hot...

  • Jarom Gregson
    Jarom Gregson  7 days ago +1

    Hey just wondering, what resources could we extract from Venus? I honestly see no reason to settle on Venus if no resources were available.

  • [AbAnPlAys_MC_aND_RoBlOX]

    So we wanted To Go To Mars Since 1949?

  • Eric Koehl
    Eric Koehl  14 days ago +1

    Mars has heat that can cook a pizza in 30 minutes!

  • Capriel Dedeian
    Capriel Dedeian  14 days ago

    what if we set foot om enceladus

  • Jayden Sanghera
    Jayden Sanghera  14 days ago


  • 250 subs 1 video challenge

    Or we can find a way to stop earth imploding

  • DZXD Gaming
    DZXD Gaming  21 days ago

    Lets live at pluto

  • ZITRON404 gameplay
    ZITRON404 gameplay  21 days ago +1

    The venus is a last chance or mars but the venus is cool

  • Amy Wang
    Amy Wang  21 days ago

    Havoc SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xavarius Quest
    Xavarius Quest  21 days ago

    Another graduate of the University of Wikipedia. Grats

  • Deborah Navaretta
    Deborah Navaretta  21 days ago

    If I go to Mars my age will be 6 years old in I be 11 years old

  • TheNotSoGood Gamer

    Scratch Mars! Scratch Venus! We need to establish a connection first! Establishing a sort of communications base on the moon is something we need to do first.