NHL Highlights | Sharks vs. Oilers - Feb 9, 2019

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
  • Kevin Labanc scored his first career hat trick to get the Sharks a 5-2 win over the Oilers.


  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk  9 months ago

    It's like watching a puppy die you love it but it's hard to watch it die. The oilers I love but I can't watch anymore.

  • Larry M
    Larry M  9 months ago

    imagine oilers without mcdavid

  • Thundersub
    Thundersub  9 months ago

    Labanc you are allowed to be happy you know.

  • Alexandros Mograine
    Alexandros Mograine  9 months ago +1

    i feel bad for the fans, really :/

  • Ettore 1968
    Ettore 1968  9 months ago

    Lucic , kassain useless players.

  • Sin Jawn's
    Sin Jawn's  9 months ago

    LMAO coilers. GO LEAFS GO

  • Wayne Evtushevski
    Wayne Evtushevski  9 months ago +3

    It sure is hard to be a fan when you witness this teams effort. They are in big trouble. Great job Chiarelli. You managed to assemble a team that could possibly compete in the AHL. At least Lucic could skate well enough to keep up down there.

  • Darren Ferguson
    Darren Ferguson  9 months ago

    trade Mcdavid for a hockey team,probably their only option,Katz ownership has been the worst disaster in NHL history

  • paul elliott
    paul elliott  9 months ago +2

    Can't buy a win
    Too many soft goals conceded again
    Very depressing and another year where we're only going one way 😭

  • Jay Jayson
    Jay Jayson  9 months ago +2

    Why does Cam Talbot keep starting?! Some people are to showcase him for a trade...are you kidding me?! Unless the Oilers take back a worse contract, they are getting nothing of note in return.

  • mboeddy
    mboeddy  9 months ago +1

    What is up with the editing of all these 4 minute reviews for Feb 9. There are errors on so many. I love these videos from Sportsnet, but relax, get some coffee and focus. You have done an amazing job until these videos, so I am sure this is just a hiccup and you will be back to your hat-trick ways.

  • Jack
    Jack  9 months ago +1

    Trade as many bad contracts as possible, draft well, and hope

  • TeeM403
    TeeM403  9 months ago

    i dont get it . is it a system thing? the d collapse so much to allow a clear shot almost every time they gain the zone and i never see that happen for us where its a clear path unless mcdavid finesses his way in

  • Cilvar Frey
    Cilvar Frey  9 months ago +5

    I don't even have words. All I can say is, I'm done watching this garbage team for this year. I'm not wasting anymore eyesight on this trash. Yes, the ultra-limited damage my eyes suffer watching the tv for 3 hours, is worth more to me, than what I get from watching these clowns play.

    Just pack it up for the year, and get a head start on truly fixing this BS. If you limp in to the playoffs, you will be even more pathetic, and more humiliated, than you already are.

  • Robert H
    Robert H  10 months ago +4

    Well yup, the oilers suck again..after all the chances...wow..

    ITS SHOWTIME  10 months ago +7


  • Navy47
    Navy47  10 months ago +7


    RIKZY  10 months ago +1

    Calgary got out of their slump, I believe Edmonton can too

  • WhoKnowsWhat
    WhoKnowsWhat  10 months ago +7

    Cmon Connor McOilers

  • Hazardous 088
    Hazardous 088  10 months ago +7

    This is just pathetic.