Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  7 days ago +11843

    Big thanks to Chris Chann obviously for helping me all those times and thank you to everyone else who believed in me and made this video possible. Shit like this makes me very happy so I’m glad I’m able to do it ❤️ also thanks for sponsoring the video

  • Don't Kill Me
    Don't Kill Me  7 days ago +3714

    Anyone else’s first time seeing this legend cry?

  • Curtis Cowher
    Curtis Cowher  7 days ago +879

    Danny is so humble, never forgets where he came from and how crazy the entire journey from being nearly homeless to “making it” was. Incredible. His life came full circle and it’s amazing. Tearing up. Love you Danny.

  • Red Leads YouTube Advice

    When you invest in people
    You never know how that comes back to you.
    Beautiful video.

  • Caleb Wild
    Caleb Wild  5 days ago +169

    When Danny cries, we all cry. Legend. love you bro

  • ChubTv !
    ChubTv !  7 days ago +223

    Seeing Danny cry actually made me cry you came from nothing Danny that’s why we respect you 🙏💯❤️ we love you Danny

  • Jonathan Cervantes
    Jonathan Cervantes  7 days ago +1896

    Hearing Danny choke up and cry broke my fuckin heart. Love this mans hustle 👌🏻

  • FifaTekkerz
    FifaTekkerz  7 days ago +88

    I cried for you bro, this is one of the most inspirational and greatest things I've ever seen, wish all the best successes for you and those around you Danny.

  • BlankSpacez -
    BlankSpacez -  7 days ago +102

    I get it danny, lifes hard and that's what you've teached all of us. You make life fun by showing what you do. live life to the fullest. ❤

  • Dane Aird
    Dane Aird  yesterday +3

    Danny you should come on a trip to Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 like if so he says 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Ryan Herdel
    Ryan Herdel  7 days ago +71

    To anyone seeing this...
    Have a GREAT Day! ❤️❤️❤️

  • My Prodigy
    My Prodigy  7 days ago +1861

    If Danny Duncan cry’s then you know that chris a good friend
    1k thank you 💙

  • MrChip21
    MrChip21  4 days ago +20

    Look at him now, buying houses and tesla's..... thats great

  • coollad_nad
    coollad_nad  4 hours ago +1

    I swear to god when Danny Duncan started crying, I cried my fuckin heart out!!! It was absolutely crazy to see Danny cry!!!!

  • JJ Johnson
    JJ Johnson  yesterday +1

    He has a maxed Runescape account if this is the first thing that comes to his mind. 6:50

  • Favio Moreno
    Favio Moreno  yesterday +2

    Danny I just noticed you deleted the “getting kicked out of vidcon” video no way you deleted that master piece

  • JaxK Injuriez
    JaxK Injuriez  7 days ago +1298

    never saw danny cry before. touching vid

  • uriah donovan 2006
    uriah donovan 2006  21 hours ago

    3:14 of all people I would never imagine Danny to cry it really breaks my heart but makes me happy for him

  • ItzNickk
    ItzNickk  20 hours ago

    Danny duncan: doesn’t make video of buying himself a good car
    posts himself buying his best friend a car. the ultimate god only promoting good vibes

    TMG_GHOST  14 hours ago

    Remember when cris Chan gave his friend a pencil back 15 years later