Conor McGregor's not there yet he needs to work on wrestling before Khabib rematch,Joe on Overeem

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 22, 2018
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  • Rahan Rahank
    Rahan Rahank  yesterday

    Mohammed Ali back in khabib that people can't see

  • Neil Boon
    Neil Boon  15 days ago

    2:45 Scary lol Demon

  • Vazcular
    Vazcular  18 days ago

    I still miss the old style intro...

  • josue ruedas
    josue ruedas  18 days ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of dude that will go back to Mexico walk the desert and cross the border illegally just to test his endurance.

  • Flavius Alexandru
    Flavius Alexandru  18 days ago

    2 words : fuck Kabib!

  • charlie Manson
    charlie Manson  19 days ago

    I hate the new intro.

  • Poems Perfect
    Poems Perfect  19 days ago

    Haha, funny to hear Joanna Jedrzejczyk 'drop her yogurt talking about bloody men fighting each other
    ..filthy bitch🤣

    • Rick Ridenour
      Rick Ridenour  19 days ago

      that filthy bitch spilled more opponents blood then all those other fights combined. shes like that hungarian countess that killed young girls and bathed in their blood to try and stay youthful looking into her old age

  • Jock Doc
    Jock Doc  21 days ago

    MMA World — I promise you, nobody wants to hear Mike Perry talk. I always fast-forward through the sections where you give him the mic. Let his fists do the talking, because when he’s doing the talking? We all feel dumber.
    Please consider for your future posts.
    Frequent Watcher

  • Oswaldo Lafee
    Oswaldo Lafee  21 days ago

    Old intro to the new intro: "who da fook is that guy???"

  • MegaSpiritualWarrior

    whats up niggas?

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight  21 days ago +1

    Funniest Ending ever! Love the way you pieced all that together. :)

  • Tim Campbell
    Tim Campbell  21 days ago

    The level of gullibility among fight fans is unbelievable. These UFC spokespeople like Rogan and the various UFC fighters are keeping the deception alive with their comments to fuel the rematch. It's hard to believe that so many actually still think that this fight was an honest contest. That Conor actually brought his typical level of skill to the fight, and that Khabib was truly better.
    All the events before the fight, the gang up on Artem by Khabib and his gang that led to Conor's fake arrest and trial by throwing a dolly at the bus, and even the brawl after the fight are screaming at the viewers to doubt the official report. To test this entire thing and question it's honesty. There were so many links in this chain of events that are easily exposed to uncover the truth, and yet very few, if any, are taking a serious look at it.
    The UFC has been in bed with the WWE for years, and they have adopted the WWE's artificial fight shows because they have learned that they can make far more money with deception than they can with honesty. Khabib is a wrestler, and nothing more. He gets take downs easily because most UFC fighters can't wrestle worth beans.
    Conor is a high level striker, and he has faced and defeated other talented strikers with ridiculous accuracy and timing.
    Watching his weak striking attempts in this fight and also getting caught with that sloppy and poorly thrown ridgehand from Khabib should tell most people that this fight was nothing more than a stage to prepare the money doubling rematch. But most people, because of their jealousy and hatred for McGregor, would rather hang on to the scam that was pulled on the entire UFC fanbase.
    These same people could watch an amateur heavyweight boxer knock out Mike Tyson in his prime, and leave the fight believing that what they saw was genuine. They would spend their time on Youtube commenting that Tyson got "destroyed" by an amateur, and they wouldn't listen to anyone telling them it was a dishonest show to generate a lot of money on the rematch.

  • Jay W
    Jay W  21 days ago

    JOE you know jack shit about medical stuff. utter bullshit!! fucking seed....jesus Christ. before commenting try researching. Still have not forgiven you about your fucking naive ignorant comments about greyhounds you MUPPIT

  • Jay Bojorquez
    Jay Bojorquez  21 days ago


  • Edgar Torres
    Edgar Torres  21 days ago

    Conor said "fight business" not it's just business

  • Jose Haro
    Jose Haro  22 days ago +1

    Great news bad intro....

  • Baghonksuck
    Baghonksuck  22 days ago

    lord lobov the GOAT will easy win agains MJ,,
    but put your money on MJ...
    cus lord lobov didnt need money etc :v

  • SunshineMania86
    SunshineMania86  22 days ago

    The last pic of Dana and Conor I’m thinking, I’m Dana’s voice, “are you okay bby? Want me to suck on dem nutz?”

  • crack61616
    crack61616  22 days ago

    mike perry,you should get clear after you took a hit from cheap weed .....and take the thumb out of your ass or you will be forever bored and lonely:)))

  • mark putnam
    mark putnam  22 days ago

    Love Daniel, calls it like it is. Right On Champ.