【FULL】Go Fighting S4 EP.6 20180603 [SMG Official HD]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
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  • it_s vivian 0623
    it_s vivian 0623  16 days ago +1

    其实我也怕🐔 😅

  • Xiye Shan
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  • 白泽
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  • Jeff zhang
    Jeff zhang  24 days ago

    如果可以不占用孩子的上课时间,并且和孩子的家庭沟通好,就更好了,因为节目组的到来,孩子提前下课回家被骂,孩子的委屈谁来承担呢。还有小女孩的奶奶并不愿意别人带家里来,小女孩也被骂哭了。 这些本是这些孩子不该承担的。 节目组的本意很好,是希望社会更假关注留守儿童的社会问题,但是希望可以把细节做好,明星和节目组是靠这个赚钱的,可是这些家庭并没有。

  • 檸檬紅茶
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  • Yuqing Chen
    Yuqing Chen  1 months ago +3

    很烦红雷那种做法 真正想让这种内向的孩子打开心扉的话 一定不能逼迫他 逼迫只会让他更加害怕 以后更不敢交流 要装作没发现他这个缺点 不能对他特殊对待 然后慢慢引导

  • Bing Bingbing
    Bing Bingbing  1 months ago


  • sLMonkey yreva
    sLMonkey yreva  1 months ago

    感触颇深 极限挑战这个节目真的是好 几个人都很棒

  • Adamwang24
    Adamwang24  1 months ago

    建议习近平看看这集,然后把非洲大撒币拿回来先给中国普通老百姓盖学校盖楼修路 。少吃点包子吧 臭肥逼

  • yue qin
    yue qin  1 months ago

    说抓鱼的时候 黄磊的眼睛都放绿光了 😂

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  • vivianexvictoria x
    vivianexvictoria x  1 months ago

    杨威和爷爷发生争执后 王迅让杨威录几句话给爸爸听

  • no idea
    no idea  1 months ago +1


  • Annie
    Annie  1 months ago +3

    5:22 – 6:05 OMG, don’t scare him like that.
    7:20 – 7:24 I hope Yixing knows there’s a theory out there that says chickens are descendants of dinosaurs…
    24:14 OMG, he’s so cute!!! TT^TT
    Huang Bo got such a smart, pretty, athletic, talented little girl! :’) For some reason, I feel proud of her. You go, little girl! Be the best! (and her little brothers are also so adorable and precious! :’)
    Sun Honglei was so, so sweet and patient with his kid this episode. Actually, he’s always sweet with kids. This just reinforced it. It makes my heart feel warm whenever I see him interact with kids. <3
    53:01 – 53:09 I must confess I am impressed by Yixing’s ability to not freak out in front of the kid when he saw the chicken. XD
    The thing is Yixing’s kid is more reserved and not talkative because the environment in which he grew up in kind of made him that way.. : ( Not knowing his mom, her leaving the family must have left a deep scar within his heart and I’m afraid it’s one that will be permanent. Even if he didn’t know her, it’s that feeling you know.. He’s always going to have that question inside his heart and mind... And his dad is away most of the time as well, so… He needs emotional comfort first and most of all. : ( His little face lit up more though when Yixing promised him to take them to Guilin if he gets high scores on his tests. :’) Awww.
    1:05:35 – 1:05:52 : ))) OMG, that poor kid! Show Luo-ge, why? : ))
    Ayyy… Wang Xun’s kid is breaking my heart. : ((
    All of the kids in this episode are so, so precious. Their precious little hearts. I would have time-stamped the entire episode if possible, but I just couldn’t… It was so hard seeing them cry. The thing is… all of them feel that empty spot deep within their hearts, and it’s one that’s really hard to fill in, if it is even possible, because from what I’ve seen and known, there’s always gonna be something there… that will always make them question.
    However, they can surpass it in a way, and it’s by teaching them how to dream again, to have hope again, just like Huang Lei said. I predict next episode is going to be touching, and what they’ll be able to do for the kids, will be the start of their new positive feelings. But I hope that the kids themselves will be strong enough afterwards to carry on with the development of their own hopes and dreams.
    May they all be blessed! I wish them all the happiness in the world! And I hope that they will get to meet lots and lots and lots of love in the future! Precious little souls! <333