5 Large Waves VS Buildings

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 30, 2018
  • Why would they construct buildings so close to the ocean? Theses are five large waves VS Buildings.

    Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC)
    USGS (CC), John Bennict (CC)

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  • burteriksson
    burteriksson  6 hours ago +1

    Just make a rock-solid foundation that is tall enough, add some breakwaters to detain the waves a bit, add armored glass and enjoy the sights! Balconies and such extensions should be built only high enough from the sea-level.

    Think of a beach house at Florida or such place: built on top of poles, so that when the tide comes in, the other side if your house is figuratively floating on top of the water, with the seashells keeping their rustling sound as the waves wash them back and forth beneath your house.

  • Keith Moser
    Keith Moser  9 hours ago

    The restaurant is located in Oregon it's the Inn Of Spanish Head and is still in operation.

  • 腹我立造
    腹我立造  12 hours ago


  • bzeleke
    bzeleke  yesterday

    Wow large tsunamis

  • Mind It
    Mind It  yesterday

    Was that car literally moved?

  • Doug Weyeneth
    Doug Weyeneth  2 days ago

    Video is 💩

  • neil dwyer
    neil dwyer  2 days ago

    hate to tell you but number 2 is actually scotland not england

  • Daddys Fastest Swimmer

    Quick, how do we blame this on global warming?

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro  4 days ago

    Second one is weak

  • frogola57
    frogola57  5 days ago

    didn't show much.

  • Skeeter Saurus
    Skeeter Saurus  5 days ago

    The voice says that the first building, where the waves are washing away the balconies, is 'Tanner Reef', but it is actually 'Tenerife Island' (Marisol) in November 2018.

  • wwaf1
    wwaf1  7 days ago +1

    Waves VS Buildings ??Isn't a building only the beginning?

  • Steven M
    Steven M  7 days ago +4

    Most awkwardly negative person I've ever heard narrate a video. Geeze

  • Clay Teunis
    Clay Teunis  7 days ago +2

    no need to editorialize

  • Carwyn Jones
    Carwyn Jones  7 days ago


  • Marnee Pinch
    Marnee Pinch  7 days ago +2

    Am I remembering correctly that it is Costa Rican it is federal law that no one can build within X (150?) meters of the coast? Any country that doesn't have such a law is run by idiots and selfish people.

  • alijda peperkamp
    alijda peperkamp  7 days ago

    Why are people so stupid.

  • AyeYerMa
    AyeYerMa  7 days ago +3

    Why you gotta sound so damn fake. Talk like a normal person not some kinda budget news anchor. Jesus Christ 😑

  • Me
    Me  7 days ago +10

    A lot of people don't realize that these waves are so heavy and solid that they crush cars and break windows.

  • Hemp meds
    Hemp meds  7 days ago

    ho hum