Shutdown Day 20: Trump Heads to the Border | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • President Trump defends holes in a border wall prototype and holes in his financial plans for the Mexico-funded barrier.

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  • CountDuckula
    CountDuckula  3 hours ago

    I just want to slap him when he talks, Trump I mean... This is a scary time for those who are in financial problems, but what else can we do then continue on shouting "Impeach!" or "Reopen Government" We got to laugh people... When it looks like a dark times, best to keep such thoughts at bay is to laugh and keep going. Bless those folks who are struggling cause of this shut down, hold strong, every night must always have a dawn!!

  • john doe
    john doe  5 hours ago

    Fucc boi

  • Justsomekid12
    Justsomekid12  7 hours ago

    The wall is older than the wheel

  • T Mox
    T Mox  7 hours ago

    When is Trump going to change his name to “Nehemiah Scudder”?

  • Estee Leurima
    Estee Leurima  9 hours ago

    Meaning there never been any Terorist in USA ever, coz they are not worry about the security.

  • Drea Esco
    Drea Esco  11 hours ago

    The caravan is real... ask the people who live in San Diego... we see it, we see the people and the shelters. Go to Tijuana and see it for yourself... everything else may be BS.

  • Admire Mkhululi Ntini

    this nigga is busy talking about donald ,,trump why dont you address whats happening in your country ,,which will soon be like zimbabwe ,,, the fact that you live in america ,,, it doesnt make you one

  • realism spectrum
    realism spectrum  11 hours ago


  • 1234constantine
    1234constantine  12 hours ago

    Keep Going President Trump!!! We love you!!!

  • Laura B
    Laura B  13 hours ago

    No matter how you look at it, the government shutdown IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON THE MIDDLE CLASS of this country. It's affecting 800,000 federal workers and... ALL THE GOVERNMENT BENEFIT RECIPIENTS (children, disabled, elderly people) who are not getting their Food Stamps, Social Security benefits, Disability, etc. We are talking millions of people affected!! Everyone is comfy watching Trump's 'hostage tactics' on their TV. In other countries, thousands of people go out in the street with pots and pans in protest and MAKE NOISE. I applaud the protesters but the rest of the country: lots of talking and not enough guts to organize and make things happen.

  • Kyle Robinson
    Kyle Robinson  13 hours ago

    Build the wall

  • J Walker
    J Walker  14 hours ago

    I have heard from people in Central America that Trumps people are making those caravans happen. To distract US citizens for his failures and for him to be a hero by building a wall and stopping the caravans that he is perpetuating in Central America. He is really working hard not for the people but for his reelection.

  • marc s
    marc s  16 hours ago +1

    Make america great again😂 yea trump cares about trump not u for the ones who supported and thoight obama was so bad....trumps the worse by far

  • yahuchris heavenly
    yahuchris heavenly  18 hours ago +2


    • TimelessVisionary -TheMageofTime-
      TimelessVisionary -TheMageofTime-  4 hours ago

      or maybe figure out exactly why people come in illegally, whether it be crime or the simple complexities of the process, and find a way to eliminate any reason to come in illegally. Not saying make it easier, but find a way where it doesn't take 14 years for a family of 3 to actually be american citizens. crime has no place in our country, I get that, but if you cut a weed without taking out the root, it'll grow back. Trump has the right idea with bolstering our borders, but he's doing it all the wrong way.

  • sasapienza
    sasapienza  19 hours ago

    Crusade prayers, 24, 33, and 158 daily. Get back some soul.

  • sasapienza
    sasapienza  19 hours ago

    Keep going does msm want to come clean? TSA is an experiment on American and other Nations. To molest Citizen to psyc prepare them for servitude (slavery). So keep going and stop putting Israel First.

  • Ashutosh Anshu
    Ashutosh Anshu  19 hours ago

    Make Trevor Noah the US president

  • Theeraphat Sunthornwit

    whoever designed this shutdown system is dumb...

  • ney O
    ney O  21 hours ago

    I Am sure he is binge watching GOT and drinking a lot! Old man is hallucinating he is king of North , nd whitewalkers are coming north. Lol #funnyman

    VEGANSAM  23 hours ago

    AT 7:36, I started laughing my ASS off.