GoPro footage of A Train Barreling Towards the Camera!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 13, 2013
  • On May 26 we were hanging out waiting for storm initiation in Nebraska. Many hours went by and we watched train after train roll by us and then we thought "Hey I wonder what a train would look like from a GoPro's perspective?" Now I don't know about you but I always get really apprehensive if I am stuck in traffic near or on a train track...not to mention when I read about some poor soul who died on a for anyone who has ever wondered, here you go!


  • lacenaepronta
    lacenaepronta  8 months ago +1

    Hi! Brilliant. Dod you add weight to the gopro?

  • Tornado Alley Video

    LOL Just part of playing the waiting game early on. I just posted a pic on TwisterChasers on Facebook of the storm we saw that day...nothing less than spectacular! Thanks for viewing!

  • TJ B
    TJ B  6 years ago

    Slow storm day? Cool effect though!!!

  • Jade Flack
    Jade Flack  3 years ago

    hey, would i be able to use this for a promo for a play I'm doing. I'm doing 'The ghost Train' by Arnold Ridley and this shot is perfect to use.
    Course i would credit you :)

  • MadWX Chasing
    MadWX Chasing  5 years ago

    Very cool!

  • Ghosteriz
    Ghosteriz  1 months ago

    You're waiting for a train, that train will take you far away... But you don't know where the train will take you to...

  • Trappin'
    Trappin'  4 years ago

    Awesome camera angle!!! I never thought about that.

  • skystone
    skystone  3 months ago

    Trump Train 2020!!!

  • Mark Adam
    Mark Adam  2 years ago +1

    That's the Trump Train heading for ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC.

  • Silvia GAray
    Silvia GAray  a years ago