Hitting A Pothole In A Tesla Cost $2600

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • On my Tesla Model 3 road trip, hitting a pothole cost $2600 & 7 hours.
    What's A Tesla Road Trip Like? https://fapgem.com/video/uC95WACQhCY/video.html
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    The Tesla Model 3 Performance is an exceptional performing vehicle, it's fast, fun, and full of new tech. I took my Model 3 for a 2,000 mile road trip, and on that journey, all was going well. That is, until we hit a pothole. If you can believe it, a single pothole cost over $2,600 to fix, and required 7 hours of time from start to finish, leaving the Tesla service center.

    While Tesla isn't to blame here, low profile tires are becoming the new trend, and they're not any good in my book. They're expensive, heavy, and cause ride quality to suffer, all for what some feel is improved aesthetics, and perhaps some slightly more responsive steering. But the Model 3 Performance only offers one wheel size, so tires with less than 2 inches between the wheel and the road are the only option. Do any of you have low profile tires? How has your experience been?

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained  2 months ago +155

    Thanks for watching everyone! Lots of pothole fans, this is great! I try not to have a negative vibe in my videos, but I think some frustration probably shined through in my tone on this one. Hope everyone is having a wonderful, pothole-free day!
    If you want to experience expensive potholes - Tesla Referral Program: https://ts.la/jason66047

  • LordShargaas
    LordShargaas  5 hours ago

    As a guy with a compact car fitted with 19" wheels, I agree. They feel great on track, but for daily driving I would switch back to 17" if I could.

  • Gabriel Collazo
    Gabriel Collazo  18 hours ago

    Calling a model 3 an expensive car is priceless 😂😂

  • beanwithbacon
    beanwithbacon  2 days ago +1

    "We have nice roads in Idaho." Uhhh I live in Utah and have driven all over Idaho, Washington, Utah, and Oregon. I'm going to disagree with that statement.

  • beanwithbacon
    beanwithbacon  2 days ago

    The infrastructure in this country is a joke. Third World tier. Europe has bad weather, too. The roads there are very nice.

  • Aaron Schwarz
    Aaron Schwarz  2 days ago

    The reason for the large wheels & thin tires "aesthetics" also known for drawing in vain narcissistic pricks who prefer the look over the function women, vehicles, etc / lots of drawbacks & few advantages // sounds more like the BMW community or people who buy shitbox modern non AMG Mercedes Benz vehicles (Thanks John Cadogan for the inside info)

    That wheel should not cost that much, nor should the tire / someones marking up those prices like jewelry, inkjet cartridges, perfume & cologne, other overpriced nonsense that's more about vanity & less about function or performance //

  • Veritas Summa
    Veritas Summa  3 days ago +2

    NP, you drive a Tesla, you're rich.

  • Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo  6 days ago

    Take it to mexico it would be 2 times cheaper than that

  • MiLo
    MiLo  7 days ago

    In Europe you can actually sue the state for a pothole. If they dont pay you can make your insurance pay for it, of course your insurance would go up from then on.

  • A Luthier's Journey

    Take this coming from an experienced tire tech, the Tesla wheels used are very susceptible to damage. Now that’s either talking about the material used for the actual barrel to the paint. I’ve had the paint on Tesla wheels crack in the paint around the face from just road pressure. Seems like negligence on Tesla’s part.

  • Dan Vercruysse
    Dan Vercruysse  7 days ago

    I would have change your tires for a quarter of that price. $175 per hr is absurd.

  • bendadestroyer
    bendadestroyer  7 days ago +2

    Holy crap, why is an electric car so heavy?

  • YurusuLeive
    YurusuLeive  7 days ago

    i buy a new tire for 32 euros....

  • Allan Smith
    Allan Smith  7 days ago

    Same here its bummer needed to replace car tyre it hit an obstacle.

  • D Gillies
    D Gillies  7 days ago

    OMG this video was more scary than the worst horror movie I've ever seen ...

  • Trevor S
    Trevor S  7 days ago

    Can't understand why anyone would want low profile tires on anything besides a sports car. Low profile tires on trucks is just plain pavement grocery getter queen kind of stuff.

  • David Oates
    David Oates  7 days ago

    Would like to know what speed he hit this pothole at! Saying other cars were not affected is rather silly unless we know what speed they and you were going.

  • Roberto Duran
    Roberto Duran  7 days ago

    Dude he bend over easy... should of gone to discount tire. Half of the price

  • Adit Vats
    Adit Vats  7 days ago

    Wouldn't work in India, if it can't tolerate a pothole.

  • David Bradley
    David Bradley  14 days ago

    will you be ok ?.