Blizzard Warming Update: NW/MO-NE/KS

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 25, 2018


  • peggy garcia  (Nov 25, 2018)

    Be very careful out their driving. God Bless...Phoenix.....Love your videos..

  • NatureRecycleFlorida  (Nov 25, 2018)

    70s in Fl

  • Dan K  (Nov 26, 2018)

    I noticed the traffic status on Google Maps last night, around 9pm. You could tell where the snow was by the traffic status on the map. Stay safe. --Texas

  • Kyle Niquette  (Nov 25, 2018)

    Made the wise decision to head back home to Kansas City from Garden City yesterday instead of today. I-70 was extremely busy, but it would be impossible to traverse today. Meteorologists were not messing around with this. Weather is gradually deteriorating around KC at this time and expect it to get significantly worse. Thanks for sharing and be safe out there, Jeff!!

  • Doug Shaver  (Nov 25, 2018)

    Gonna be a looooong winter, not even December yet with this weather already.