Schumer and Pelosi's full response to Trump's border address

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • After President Trump addressed the nation Jan. 8, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer delivered a response. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: us:Twitter:


  • Kyotosomo  5 months ago

    They should have gone for a camera angle that doesn't make them look like James Bond villains.

  • Vanished  25 days ago

    I scrolled down, saw this comment, and couldn't stop giggling during the entire video.

  • Anne Rodgers  4 months ago

    HM2 [live] not you, perhaps.

  • The like dislike ratio is close but the comments are 90% making fun of them XD

  • Jorge Barajas  5 months ago

    Cause Trump supporters don't have actual points. Pathetic

  • Grant Kauahi Jr.  5 months ago

    The West is the Best Jesus loves you

  • c k  5 months ago

    Both wearing diapers.

  • The Man  5 months ago

    If Walls don't work don't that mean Roof's don't work either??

  • D PD  5 months ago

    this is borderline creepy.

  • Jason G  4 months ago

    It’s way creepy lol

  • Kenny Medina  5 months ago

    Guarantee this will be on SNL this weekend

  • WhiteWalkers  5 months ago

    I've never seen Trump read the teleprompter like that, if he keeps it up and stops tweeting there is hope for him

  • Enigma McC  5 months ago

    They look evil. Really scary

  • josh brown  5 months ago

    Not what Schumer said June 24th 2009. Guess he changed his mind on needing a defined boarder

  • The Punisher  5 months ago

    They are so stiff and emotionless they look like evil aliens inside a human suit!

  • Bill Smith  5 months ago

    How these two work has never been a real mystery. Playing on the emotions of those that lack reasonable understanding of proper government operations simply fuels the madness. They create chaos and confusion as a distraction by pointing out irrelevant topics that involve women, children, the poor, the needy or seemingly helpless groups or individuals in order to buy themselves more time for their own hidden agendas. By convincing the public that someone else is to blame for everything that doesn't go t...

  • Bob Carter  4 months ago

    We must open the border before the census next year.There are many needing to get on the voter rolls for benefits.

  • J. A.  5 months ago

    Well said Bill Smith and currently they are all in Puerto Rico watching the play Hamilton. If that doesn't say it all nothing does. They don't care about America or even Americans, they just want what's best for them. They only care about themselves getting paid with our tax dollars. It's a total scam and frankly I am fed up. The Kavanaugh hearing really pissed me off and this is just more of the same. They are ripping off America and we just let it slide.