Manchester City 7-0 Schalke (10-2 agg.): Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 12, 2019
  • All the action from the Etihad as Manchester City put on a masterclass to destroy Schalke


  • ChanWin17  4 months ago

    Holy s***, i was expecting City to win... just not by a straight up abuse of 7-0....

  • Type Thorn  2 months ago

    @Dagmawi Haile yeah that's insane lmao. Belgium had a very good streak too, 20 unbeaten run is crazy

  • Dagmawi Haile  2 months ago

    @Type Thorn Oh ok, that makes sense, but they were on a unbeaten run till today, 20 match unbeaten run

  • Edgar Hernandez  4 months ago

    Someone changed the difficulty to beginner 😪

  • Marco G  4 months ago


  • Pantek Gaming  4 months ago


  • Kason Durham  4 months ago

    Ronaldo does the unbelievable, City does the unholy. There are real killers out there on that pitch people, they are ending careers.

  • DericNg 1234  4 months ago

    No mention Barcelona??

  • HARRY A  4 months ago

    @Abdulahi Mohamedahmed the 1st goal in leg 1 was ruled out too. So diving save juve

  • Rork Poast  4 months ago

    Schalke didn’t belong in this competition.

  • H Republic  1 months ago

    @Rampant its okay i feel you, a big historical team like Schalke does not deserve to lose 7-0

  • Alexander Dzhembaz  4 months ago

    Shouldn't it say in the beginning: "Brazzers Presents?"

  • Erick Miranda  4 months ago

    more like law and order special victims unit😂

  • Marco G  4 months ago


  • Spidey7747  4 months ago

    Wow that was straight abuse.

  • A. Ortega  4 months ago

    I saw a rape

  • Richard Rivera  4 months ago


  • Alex the kid  4 months ago

    That was a murder. How did Schalke even make it to the round of 16?

  • Andrew Cornejo  4 months ago

    @Dominiqie Neely If they were that bad they wouldn't have made it this far in the Champions League

  • the b biddim  4 months ago

    Sane and Sterling too much. They have the one thing you just can't coach, blistering pace and acceleration. That's why Pep insisted City pay Sterling the 300k a week he wanted.

  • Marvin Le  3 months ago

    Tbh I think Signing Kingsley Coman over Mahrez would of been better

  • Your Majestyy  4 months ago

    @Favian Pliego looool that duo can barely get you top 4 😂

  • Antares  4 months ago

    Foden scored his first goal in CL while Diaz doesn't even make the bench for Madrid.

  • @Jayu where's vinicius? And they play different t positions.

  • Jayu  4 months ago

    He’s not better than Vinicius

  • fernando ordonez  4 months ago

    Too easy for City hopefully they don’t get too confident

  • Adnan Shaikh  4 months ago

    Pep Guardiola keeps the club from getting ahead of themselves, he says one game at a time

  • Adnan Shaikh  4 months ago

    @F34R STYL3S respect