DO TEENS KNOW 2000s MUSIC? #16 (REACT: Do They Know It?)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
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  • REACT  1 years ago

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  • Include You Rock My World by Michael Jackson in the next Do They Know It? 2000's music.


  • FLW Videos  1 years ago

    Where are the Arctic Monkeys fans at?

  • GNVS  1 years ago


  • Joe Kevan  1 years ago

    ARCTIC MONKEYSSSSS YESSSSSSS!!! Do a full episode on them now!

  • Roy M  1 years ago

    I see Alex Turner I click.

  • Misty Rose  1 years ago

    No one knew Fluorescent Adolescent 😭😭😭😭 I would have been singing along with it.

  • lil prxncess  1 years ago


  • They think Fluorescent Adolescent is from AM album? Bruh.

  • exactly! at least use the 'single' version cover

  • flowerfairies468  1 years ago

    Андрей Ковальчук yeah plus like when you look up the song the albums right there lmao

  • KatarinaTVD  1 years ago

    Can't believe no one knew Fluorescent Adolescent. :(

  • triggered  1 years ago


  • Lily  1 years ago

    Teens react to Arctic Monkeus would be great since they just released an album

  • Flourescent Adolescent.Then it shows the AM album, great.

  • Martin Anthonyo  1 years ago

    Ok, you don't put the AM album cover for Fluorescent Adolescent which is FWN