If Halloween Costumes Were Equal

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 20, 2017
  • There are millions of DIY Halloween costume articles out there, but none specifically for straight men. What if the amount of DIYs for straight men were equal to the rest? Next episode of #Cocktober coming next Friday!

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  • Mei Leong
    Mei Leong  21 days ago

    2:03 a vegan wearing a leather coat? 😂

  • Joshua Ong
    Joshua Ong  1 months ago +1

    Anyone else watching in October 2019?

  • tayla Newitt
    tayla Newitt  1 months ago

    His hair is back to how it was 2 years ago

  • J
    J  1 months ago

    HUMAN SHREK!!! 😄

  • Vocal Vortex Studios

    That intro always hits like a brick

  • Rav3n
    Rav3n  3 months ago

    1:39 im screenshoting it right now

  • Crazy boy 302
    Crazy boy 302  3 months ago


  • Sleipnirseight
    Sleipnirseight  6 months ago

    Damn, dude is hot as hell with this hair cut. The longer, curly hair is super luxurious, but it makes him look mad young. Ionno, that's my dumb, objectifying opinion 🤠

  • The meme Duck
    The meme Duck  6 months ago

    How many times don’t mess with panic! at the disco

  • Erma The Gerd
    Erma The Gerd  8 months ago

    us brits say 'autumn' wtf is fall

  • mckayxox
    mckayxox  8 months ago

    you look exactly like brendon urie omfg

  • mckayxox
    mckayxox  8 months ago

    a n t h o n y

  • Des Troy
    Des Troy  9 months ago

    How about Ryan higas video

  • Kai is confused
    Kai is confused  9 months ago

    Brendon Urie
    Anthony: I don’t look like him
    Me: yes you do
    Daniel Howell
    Anthony: I don’t look like him
    Me: yes you do
    Human Shrek
    Anthony: I don’t look like him
    Me: wait— you’re /not/ human Shrek?!?

  • kumail raza
    kumail raza  9 months ago

    Bitch go watch nigahiga who already did this

  • Jeffrey Wright
    Jeffrey Wright  9 months ago

    Oh he actually does look like brendon urie sorry can’t spell

  • JosukeDragon
    JosukeDragon  10 months ago


  • Shiny Umbra
    Shiny Umbra  10 months ago

    You forgot being a stripper on strike m8

  • TheBest Me
    TheBest Me  10 months ago

    Are you vegan?