88 & Heartbreaks 💔 💔 💔 ft. Miyavi, Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, PnB Rock & more (COMING SOON)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 14, 2018
  • 88 & Heartbreaks featuring the Japanese guitar god Miyavi and special guests:

    Rich the Kid
    Famous Dex
    PnB Rock
    AUGUST 08
    Xavier Wulf & Bones


    88 is double happiness


  • Grim  (Mar 14, 2018)

    wow didn't expect this. SESH.

  • PHANTOM  (Mar 26, 2018)


  • flirth  (Mar 17, 2018)

    small world huh?

  • AJ  (Mar 14, 2018)

    Woah BONES X XAVIER on 88 !!!

  • Billy Jean  (Mar 14, 2018)

    88 always bringing out unique concepts πŸ‘

  • Beebo  (Mar 14, 2018)

    joji should be here

  • stoptakingusernamepls  (Mar 23, 2018)

    SellingThatReRockk its literally getting out of hand tbh, like we get it man, he is good, but no need to mention it on literally every single fucking 88 rising videos, please just stop.

  • end me  (Mar 17, 2018)

    SellingThatReRockk Ikr... his fans are fucking the whole his career up. *IT'S* *TIME* *TO* *STOP.*

  • idk but i was expecting joji to pop up at some point

  • Captain k'nuckles  (Mar 14, 2018)

    Offringa you realize that joji used to rap as pink guy in his pink season album, even though his songs were humorous, he had bars

  • Offringa i immediately thought of joji when i saw the words "heartbreak" and "88rising" and that's basically it lol. yeah he usually does but he did rap before as pink guy

  • ashley ag  (Mar 14, 2018)


  • Dylan Watersnake  (Mar 14, 2018)

    his name is miyavi but yeah 88rising seems to be doing more stuff with actual musicians (like miyavi, sen morimoto and joji etc.) instead of just bad rappers (higher brothers and brian imanual are good rappers tho)

  • anh nguyen duy  (Mar 14, 2018)

    Duckwrth is criminally underrated

  • anonymous  (Mar 14, 2018)

    anh nguyen duy and thats just facts

  • Young Cakey  (Mar 14, 2018)

    Wulf and bones caught me off guard lmao

  • Jon  (Mar 16, 2018)


  • Asto Atet  (Mar 14, 2018)

    i'll beat my meat too all day everyday bro.i'm NOT a jake pauler, pls don't kill me.