Dad Buys Daughters Back To School Outfits - Merrell Twins

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 4, 2018
  • Our Dad bought our outfits for our first day back to school. How do you think he did? Comment below! Subscribe to our channel: NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY!!!!TRUE IMG FALL COLLECTION ON SALE NOW!!!! to our other channels:MERRELL TWINS LIVE MERRELL Out Our Other Videos:24 HOUR HANDCUFF CHALLENGE DATE THAT YOUTUBER CHALLENGE @merrelltwinsTWITTER: TwinsVeronica MerrellVanessa MerrellDad buys daughters outfits fashion fun failchallengeback to school haul, try on haul, back to school 2018, pg,


  • XxSamanthaxX Xx
    XxSamanthaxX Xx  4 months ago +595

    I feel bad for their dad not hating
    One like one happiness for Paul
    I hope I can give him a hug I’m CRYING

  • Savita V
    Savita V  5 months ago +427

    Awwww. He’s so passionate and committed. I love him. He’s the absolute sweetest. Dad goals ❤️❤️

  • D’leiny Deluna
    D’leiny Deluna  2 months ago +78

    I love how in every video he categorizes roni as cool rocker chick and ness a as a girly gurl

  • Chloe Wells
    Chloe Wells  5 months ago +314

    Nessa: I kind of like the top.
    Paul: Well you should it's amazing.
    Me: Lol

  • Melanie Arias
    Melanie Arias  3 months ago +93

    Love how Roni says they’re all a team and work together but she literally has a shirt that has team Veronica 😂😂

  • Obaida Iftikhar
    Obaida Iftikhar  4 months ago +69

    "I did something good"
    - Paul Merrell 2018

  • Warrior 10
    Warrior 10  3 months ago +153

    For me, YOUR DAD IS THE BEST. dont be so harsh on him, or hurt him because of his taste of fashion

  • I_Dawg123
    I_Dawg123  4 months ago +57

    I love Paul's excitement!! He really tried his best!

  • Sayybayy
    Sayybayy  11 months ago +557

    Their dad obviously thinks Nessa is still his girly little girl😂

  • Glezel Granito
    Glezel Granito  3 months ago +198

    "that was more painful than I thought" aww😭😭 8:26

  • fannilou u
    fannilou u  4 months ago +43

    Actually i dont think roni looks that bad.Well the indevidual peaces look good...for the most part

  • MacieJustSmile
    MacieJustSmile  2 months ago +33

    “Daddy, when was the last time you saw me wear capris?”

  • Shreya S
    Shreya S  4 months ago +24

    Your dad is the cutest most genuine dad ever and I love the relationship you guys have! ❤️

  • Maddie Carney
    Maddie Carney  11 months ago +2029

    Nessa: why does she get a cooler watch than me?
    Paul: I thought yours was cool

  • Linh Chi
    Linh Chi  3 months ago +25

    I like Roni's whole outfit without the jacket and I like nessa's shirt and earrings

  • Rainbowsunset090 On roblox

    Here’s my bunny
    (.^ ^)
    It has no carrots one like = 10 🥕

  • H. 7
    H. 7  3 months ago +27

    I felt like crying when their dad said sorry😭

  • Haneen Husain
    Haneen Husain  3 months ago +23

    I feel like Paul is rlly sad cause they don’t rlly like the outfits 😟

  • Bangtan kookie
    Bangtan kookie  11 months ago +308

    Roni: I haven’t even shaved my legs
    Paul: well that isn’t my fault

  • Aimee O’Donnell
    Aimee O’Donnell  4 months ago +17

    I don’t get how nessa’s outfit doesn’t look the best but she still looks so pretty 🤔 ❤️