Rennes 3-1 Arsenal: Europa League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 7, 2019
  • All the action from the Europa League Last 16 where Rennes took a 3-1 advantage over 10-man Arsenal in the first leg of their clash.


  • Manfredo Mazariegos  4 months ago

    God Those Rennes supporters were really making the atmosphere something else. I’m glad they are doing well in Europe this season

  • El vato del barrio  4 months ago

    @rozay just like Marseille and the rest of Provence :)

  • Ricardo G.  4 months ago

    We'll see how long that lasts when they come to the Emirates

  • Mac Dre  4 months ago

    Arsenal fan tv tonight 🍿

  • Jhonny Merida Soto  4 months ago

    grytlappar hope y’all see AFTV after they beat Man U and came back this tie, oh wait y’all only see it when they lose

  • grytlappar  4 months ago

    They were expecting to go there and beat Rennes by 5-0 surely... What a sweet moment. I love it when English teams lose... Rennes, currently at #10 in a 'pub league, 37 points to PSG's 71 – and boom! What a sad fucking display by Arsenal.

  • Teufel Hunden  4 months ago

    When you get slapped by a middle table “farmers league” team

  • Jhonny Merida Soto  4 months ago

    Teufel Hunden they got smacked at the Emirates so who cares

  • 10000000 veiws  4 months ago

    @Metro Boomin yikes 2-0

  • Jackson Winkleson  4 months ago

    I heard they're opening up a new comedy club in London called the Emirates.

  • True Gooner  4 months ago

    Damn keep talking bitch.

  • You peace of shit I dare you to beat the team

  • Spencer Porter  4 months ago

    Hey, editor. If there's a second yellow card on a player that leads to a red, please show the first yellow card infraction.

  • Everyone laughs about PSG and City for choking in the champions league and for having no history, but is there any other club like Arsenal that has a great history domestically but just keeps failing at international competitions? Seriously, Tottenham, Chelsea, Sevilla, Valencia, Dortmund, and even Nottingham Forest have a better European record than Arsenal.

  • Jackson Davis  2 months ago

    Mario Balotelli has a better European record than Arsenal lol

  • Alvin J Agolla  4 months ago

    Supreme Lord Master Emperor of the Universe I told y’all arsenal would come back haha

  • fishjungle9  4 months ago

    Cech was on fire today! Definitely man of the match.

  • TMB Coolnicknick  4 months ago

    Have you heard of sarcasm

  • guardian bravo  4 months ago

    And still you lost 😂😂😂😂😂 #COYS

  • JULIAN LUI  4 months ago

    a B team United beat PSG in Paris, and then this....

  • JULIAN LUI  4 months ago

    Then Wolves....

  • Jhonny Merida Soto  4 months ago

    Then arsenal beat Manchester United and came back in this tie

  • luil menberu  4 months ago

    Banter FC. BACK AT IT again!!!

  • Al H.  4 months ago

    @K T Chelsea are a much better team than Arsenal, and it looks like they're gonna finish in top 4, not to mention they made it to Carabao final and they're doing very good at Europa League.

  • K T  4 months ago

    chelsea are the banter fc remember, lololol they lost to bournemouth 4-0 lololol... and they are still behind Arsenal at the league table... lol

  • cung sum  4 months ago

    4:12 RIP Koscielny 😪😪

  • Don't u ever dare to take ben arfa 1 v1

  • MR PIMP  4 months ago

    Zachariah Rizk he fucking sucks are you blind, France was lucky he didn't play in the word cup!! He is shit and he been for years! He isn't a big game player