Tornado Dancing - May 24, 2016 Tornadoes, Dodge City, KS

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 31, 2016
  • On May 24, 2016 Jeff and Kat Piotrowski intercepted several tornadoes South of Dodge City, KS between N. of Minneola and South east of Ensign, KS. Kathryn assimilated how they looked as if the tornadoes were dancing across the Western Kansas landscape and put the footage to the music of John Petrie of 1M1 and Shock-wavesound music. Periscope fans will find this familiar footage as the weather event was streamed LIVE to over 17,000 followers of @Jeff_Piotrowski This stream event broke records on Periscope for a mobile Live Streaming Weather Event.


  • Linda Sturm
    Linda Sturm  3 years ago +4

    Mesmerizing footage of nature's beauty and beastly side.

  • Graviton64
    Graviton64  3 years ago +6

    Beautiful. Perfect music.
    Jeff was right when he said this is unbelievable, when you both were Scoping days ago.

  • Joshua The GoldenEmoMetalheadSlayerGamer

    When I first saw a picture of one I thought that was how they move

  • Mike Casterline
    Mike Casterline  3 years ago +1

    Thank You! Very nice with music. Now live on periscope with you two going at it. Oh MY! :) Love following you when your live.

  • Michelle Baker
    Michelle Baker  2 years ago +1

    The music made me feel just that little bit weird, but besides that, great video!

  • starrmtn001
    starrmtn001  2 years ago +4


  • LCToner
    LCToner  a years ago

    Beautiful yet dangerous. You want to look away.. But.. can't. God's handiwork, for sure..
    The music belongs on a scary movie.

  • AsphaltKobold
    AsphaltKobold  8 months ago

    Wow, one of the best Tornado-Vidoes, i have ever seen! Tornados dancing... Mark John Petrie is certainly delighted that you made such a good video clip for his music! :)

  • Darkness Girl 600
    Darkness Girl 600  8 months ago


  • Amber Wulf
    Amber Wulf  6 months ago

    All that tornado wanted to do is shake his booty! But he had no butt sadly

  • Agent Fungus
    Agent Fungus  2 years ago

    I've seen footage of these on other chasers' sites, but the music here just made them so malignant and sinister! Ugh, I'm going to have nightmares. Very well done!

  • Space Servos Knowledge
    Space Servos Knowledge  2 years ago +3

    Beautiful, my opinion on tornadoes are, even if they are deadly, they are the beautiful thing you could ever see.

  • indo_tech_gaming Arif Nur Sanjaya

    ef 5 tornado

  • Christina Boyd
    Christina Boyd  3 years ago

    But now??

  • Nicholas McLaughlin

    Nature is a beautiful mistress

  • stephan miles
    stephan miles  2 years ago +1


  • Dolan's Imagine
    Dolan's Imagine  3 years ago


  • severechase
    severechase  3 years ago +4

    Stunning Work!