I tried No Nut November and almost died (Do NOT try)

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 26, 2018
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  • Ro Leathley  7 months ago

    Must have been hard to not eat peanuts for a month (obvs a joke cant believe I'm having to edit this to explain it)

  • TheVaultdweller  2 days ago

    That's exactly what my first thought was about this No Nut November....

  • Thierry Daou  1 months ago

    Disclaimer: the mom pictures don’t work in Alabama.

  • Coolguy 7085  4 days ago

    I feel bad

  • Lana Del Taco  4 months ago

    The fact that he uploaded this before November ended is a clear indication that he failed.

  • Felix  23 days ago

    @BendixCork he meant 1000th

  • Loki the smol bean  4 months ago

    "I will not beat my meat for I am really sweet" Omfg I died at that moment

  • D3rpyHispanik  29 days ago

    How did yoy post this

  • Jackspedicey  1 months ago

    then how did you post this comment

  • My notes are:Wait what am i doing, im a female.

  • ALIX MENDEZ  13 days ago

    Me too marlin

  • Lexi Yost  15 days ago


  • Manny X  1 months ago

    Every single site he blocked was hentai...

  • Super_Sukk  15 days ago

    regular guy it said hentai

  • L Yagami  22 days ago

    Man of culture I see

  • Lava Dasher  4 months ago

    My record is 11 years! I started one day after my 11th birthday

  • Neroidius  yesterday

    14 years bitch!

  • ashtar  2 days ago

    @Barbecue Celery okay.Just stop again

  • C H O N K E R  1 months ago

    Some kid at my school complained about No Nut November because he had a specific fap schedule

  • Miss Kylie  18 days ago

    Rip your ears 😂

  • Sayuri  23 days ago

    you guys don’t shave your balls and it shows

  • Noah Granadino  4 months ago

    Did anyone realize that he has an abnormally lowHeart rate

  • Pacho  4 hours ago

    ᗷᗩTᗰᗩᑎ the people ik that smokes weed have really high heart rates. One of them have about 120 bpm when he was sitting down. My heart rates about 50-60 bpm and not to brag but I am in very good shape

  • ashtar  2 days ago

    @Marimo 882 i sometimes have like 50

  • Carson Hayes  7 months ago

    he blocked hentaihaven... anthoney confirmed to watch hentai

  • Dennis Klyde  10 days ago


  • hj hj  25 days ago

    Don't you watch that too