joji - will he (ryan hemsworth remix)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 13, 2018
  • joji - will he (ryan hemsworth remix) from the In Tongues Deluxe EP, out now.

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    Directed by Scott Cramer

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  • techno dove
    techno dove  12 days ago

    sexy remixx

  • Daly Sánchez
    Daly Sánchez  13 days ago


  • Romny Everett
    Romny Everett  16 days ago

    That tasteful breakdown with the violin solo

  • Suprio Sheel
    Suprio Sheel  29 days ago

    Who's that girl ??

  • Wyatt smith
    Wyatt smith  1 months ago

    what a flatty

  • Mia jewel
    Mia jewel  1 months ago

    Ive been looking for this remix uuuuugh finally

  • Viddy
    Viddy  1 months ago

    I actually kinda like this better than the original. The instrumental contrasts against Joji's singing much better rather than just blending in and progresses as it goes on making it sound like a full song rather than a WIP on Soundcloud...not that the original one is bad, the beat at its core is amazing and vibe is very hard-hitting but it just kinda runs in place for 3 minutes. I hope on his next release he fleshes out his songs a bit more.

  • Iza Ornelas
    Iza Ornelas  2 months ago

    I love this throughout every detail

  • nana yaw berko
    nana yaw berko  2 months ago


  • Alexey Kekin
    Alexey Kekin  2 months ago

    Лайкер пидер

  • MaximkaTime
    MaximkaTime  2 months ago +1


  • haley
    haley  3 months ago

    0:45 damn tiddies

  • strwbrrika
    strwbrrika  3 months ago

    It's the sexiest and saddest song I could actuallly mention. Btw I'm drunk af and listening to this remix since half an hour. Just now. Fuck.

  • Giang nguyễn 000
    Giang nguyễn 000  4 months ago


  • 1wingriddenangel1
    1wingriddenangel1  4 months ago +1

    next time get a girl that is T H I C C

  • 1wingriddenangel1
    1wingriddenangel1  4 months ago +1

    best remix ever

  • Mike Alan
    Mike Alan  5 months ago

    One of the few songs i like more than the original. The use of actual instruments are rare now a days.

  • Miu Iruma
    Miu Iruma  5 months ago

    This was the first song that I listened to when I first found joji.

  • R A
    R A  5 months ago

    The first minute has me feelin

  • Guilherme dos Santos