How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.

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  • Think Story
    Think Story  3 months ago +16965

    Well, at least we still have fan fic!

  • charles gee
    charles gee  3 hours ago

    I like but Daeny needs to go full Mad Queen. The books have heavily hinted at that direction. I thought that was what you were flash forwarding to 5 years later. That is the only thing I'd change in your rewrite. Or maybe end it strongly implying she has lost her shit and that is where things are about to go.

  • Zointrikca Wyatt
    Zointrikca Wyatt  5 hours ago

    This is an amazing alternative ending. I wish it would've happened this way.

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul  7 hours ago

    Ron Jeremy should write the ending

  • Victor Kings
    Victor Kings  10 hours ago

    I would've preferred Jon sitting on the throne in the end, deny still dying but not before giving birth so.

    revise, deny gives birth to a son, she names him jon, and then the night king brings the wrath of winter upon them, deny tries to save her son by giving him to jon and commanding him to protect baby jon, afterwards like an arrogant queen she charges with her dragon at the night king directly...Things don't go well for her as her dragon gets decapitated and she witnesses the death of another of her children, she lands on a small cliff of snow and screams out for jon to save her for someone to save her but sadly they're all to busy getting slaughtered due to lousy leadership.
    Meanwhile, jamie manages to sneak into kingslanding not to convince his sister that she is his only lover...But to slay her by choking the life out of her with his hand, because she raped him, ehem...It goes both ways, if women wanna say they are just as strong they gotta accept the full thing, they too can take away what is not theirs, because they too are imperfect.
    She forced herself onto jamie because SHE wanted to have sex with him, partially because she wanted to force him to have no option but do as she says or else she'll tattle and have him killed...
    Anyways he gets his vengeance by killing her and then returns to the beastly knight woman whom he truly loves...But alas killing your sister means killing family and is in itself a horrible thing to do and so...He sees his lover, dead...Serving the night king...She takes him to the night king and well...She goes against everything she stood for and wanted and watches him get ripped limb from limb and finally decapitated.
    Meanwhile Jon takes his son with him and searches for help from kingslanding by giving a speach like a good king, that and he promises not to lead them beneath his feet but instead he would grant them something they've never had before...Freedom.
    Long they were subject to what a madman or madwoman commanded, under his rule he'd sever the iron throne and smelt it into a table, a place where kings convene and commune united under rule of law and justice.
    Afterwards, the people of kingslanding boys and girls ages 10 or older fight for their lives, for their freedom, for genuine peace.
    Jon snow however searches other means of killing the night king...Finally he discovers...The reason why he cannot be killed, is because he is not real, he is just ice, he is simply the winter, but more importantly he is the manifestation of its will.
    And that will...Is the third eyed raven, the reason why the third eyed raven doesn't reveal his purpose fully and makes his destiny out to be a complicated omen deliverer is to mislead, and it always does.
    Bran is the night king, ever since he became the third eyed raven.
    Jon now realizes the only way he can save his people is by killing the one he would've called brother, committing a deed all the royals commit and finally he does the deed, after doing so the night king and all his armies perish not like ice but just fall on their knees and scream in misery as if all the souls that once occupied the bodies were suffering a pain worse than death, the battle of wails.
    With the crisis subverted Jon makes good on his promises to his people but also his love, and the immortal king granted all of westeros freedom, the freedom to become a nation ruled by none other than tyrion (typo forgot how to spell his name sort of abandoned GoT when I heard my friend say what happened in this season, been invested in only star wars)
    Tyrion does as Jon ordered and that being to desolve the iron throne and become a humble nation like any other.
    And to rule side by side with all the other kings and queens for the betterment of commerce, peace and justice. never commiting any more murder.
    Jon then takes his heir who is the promised king, who would sit on the throne in the future, after he's been taught how to be a good king.

    Just my version, less feministic more realistic.
    A woman on a throne is really just a womb waiting for a worthy doner to give birth to a king in those times, period.
    I am right about this one thing with hundreds of thousands of years backing this simple truth.
    Not a conversation I like to bring up because it ends up destroying youtube channels so we'll just say I am right by right of fact and end it there.
    In my version of the story, Jon lives forever and he isn't a king so there, some "Justice" for feminists, honestly I'd think denarys would've been proud to have her son sit on the throne and NOT herself, it is self deminishing for a mother to wish HERSELF a brighter future instead of her children.

  • Christian Rustøen
    Christian Rustøen  17 hours ago

    What I was most disappointed with in the ending is the way the night king was killed. That was a joke. 8 seasons are building up to this and he is killed so easily and quickly. Such a waste. I think that cersi should see the wrath of the night king so she wouldnt be so arrogant as well.

  • Punit Raj
    Punit Raj  yesterday

    Oh God this ending is so unpredictable and satisfying. . Loved it. . I wish there eas a lige version. . This ending has all the closure i needed

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex  yesterday

    I'm totally on board with what happened but I wish they would have taken their time developing the characters there

  • shefali Sharma
    shefali Sharma  yesterday

    Wow♥️♥️♥️this story literally gave me goosebumps 😋

  • Wan wAnDearFull

    Woah i surely prefer this kind of ending❤

  • Natalie Fortune

    Omfg this is wonderful.

  • Space Force JJ West Fans

    I liked the ending but I did want to see Ellaria Sand back and a more brutal just desserts death for Cersei as she was the forces of evil 101. But why do I think that dead is not dead and this is not the true finale for GOT, say by 2035 it will be back! Great channel and vids you got man, and I have to say BRAVO on your version that was far better finale and epic end to it all. You got a real talent for understanding story, concept and execution of character and plot. You should do your very own fantasy novels, as I myself use to be a struggling screenwriter, gave that up and now I am a author of GIRL FORCE and UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE 1980. Nothing like being your own boss and master of your creation. But when they make to TV hope you guys like them nothing to do with me on screen but great to see them done it will be. Good luck to you once more brother in writing arms.

  • Renemy Grassi
    Renemy Grassi  yesterday

    Polish subtitles are so bad...
    Please can someone fix this?
    btw. i would love to watch your version of finale season!

  • Ghost Rider_xX
    Ghost Rider_xX  yesterday

    I thought bran could only warg into living creatures

  • Canna-Talk ND
    Canna-Talk ND  yesterday

    This guy spoiled lord of the rings for me as I finally started the trilogy last night 😔

  • Pedro Medeiros
    Pedro Medeiros  yesterday

    And finishes with drogon having a clutch of eggs

  • Andrew Payne
    Andrew Payne  2 days ago

    Would liked to have seen tormund have a happy ending and be the leader of the free folk with breiane by his side

  • Deeksha Rajpoot
    Deeksha Rajpoot  2 days ago

    Where is the petition to rewrite GOT S08 I wanna sign it too🙌

  • C Ou
    C Ou  2 days ago +3

    Alarm bells should have started ringing for viewers the first time they realised that the No.1 "villain", the Night King, isn't even in GRRM's books (so far).

    What I mean is: with characters devised, and their destinies planned (however vaguely as yet) by GRRM, there were limits to what even a couple of frauds like Benioff & Weiss could do to distort them. (I admit that as I write, the spectacle of King Bran The Boring keeps leering at me.)

    But with a character devised by themselves, they could get away with anything.

    Please SIGN!! _

  • Dario La Mela
    Dario La Mela  2 days ago

    We need this ending!!!