Professional Powerlifters React to Lifting Scenes in Hollywood

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 15, 2019
  • Professional powerlifter Mark Bell ( and professional bodybuilder/powerlifter Stan Efferding (
    give their two cents on lifting, training, and gym scenes in Hollywood films and television shows.

    Leave any scenes you'd like Mark and co. to watch and react to in the comments and we'll include them in a future video!

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  • Thanos
    Thanos  yesterday

    rocky 6 training

  • myguitardidyermom212

    why'd you have to show the columbo knee blowout?? Now I feel scared shitless walking

  • Conner Broeker
    Conner Broeker  7 days ago

    Rock was doing duck walks with the giant wooden beam

  • Dystany
    Dystany  14 days ago

    Stan Effording, never would expect someone who can deadlift 500 with one arm to be so articulate lol

  • quân Phạm Minh
    quân Phạm Minh  14 days ago

    “a lot of tan and a lot of tren”

  • Travis Rasmussen
    Travis Rasmussen  14 days ago

    Absolutely hilarious 😂, I love this

  • Young Man
    Young Man  14 days ago

    Corridor does it better.

  • KC N
    KC N  14 days ago

    Lol "best shorts"criteria.
    These guys are churning out jokes left, right and centre lol

  • Cash Boughton
    Cash Boughton  14 days ago

    Anyone else like how chill these meatheads were?!

  • Cash Boughton
    Cash Boughton  14 days ago

    Anyone else like how chill these meatheads were?!

  • IlovelouisDTV
    IlovelouisDTV  21 days ago

    stan efferding is definitely one of the most effortlessly hilarious guys in fitness

  • Monsop Collado
    Monsop Collado  21 days ago

    Rocky 4 is better than 2 in my opinion, and the Creed scenes were pretty sick too

  • Mark St. Michell Jr

    " what's his name?" Hesitates.... then says Zak Effron... He knew it the whole time😂

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd  21 days ago

    What is that intro song?

    Bytheway enjoy these videos

  • Sage Seno
    Sage Seno  21 days ago

    Little did they know that Stallone was trained by Franco Colombu, a legendary golden era power lifter, strongman, and bodybuilder as well as Olympia champion...

  • David
    David  21 days ago +8

    "Did he pull a calf on a chin-up? It's like soccer players" LOL

  • dm me i can make you laugh


  • Jonathan Heebner
    Jonathan Heebner  21 days ago

    You think Hollywood gets lifting wrong in movies, you should try being a computer programmer and sitting through any 'hacking' scene in a movie.

    "I'm hacking the mainframe guys! I just need 30 more seconds!"

    Uh.... yeah... I'm just gonna pretend that's how computers work....

  • Bryan Ganz
    Bryan Ganz  21 days ago +1

    I've never watched any of the " professional reacts to Hollywood" videos before but for some reason I am loving these ones.

  • TubeAddict99
    TubeAddict99  21 days ago

    What, lifting weights and no arnold? Shurely you can’t be serious