The cops keep trying to tow my exotic cars

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 23, 2018
  • Doug has bought and sold a lot of amazing cars but he has never had the best luck with law enforcement. In today's video, he recounts some of the times when he dealt with having some amazing cars towed.

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  • Mark Deaton
    Mark Deaton  yesterday

    Jay cutler smokes a pack a day

  • Overwhelming Euphoria

    You expected an escort from a cop after doing a burnout on a public road........... okay.

  • Matt H
    Matt H  7 days ago

    It had to cross your mind that he's on a bicycle and you're in a BYE! Good thing you didnt!
    That parking lot rentacop was what we call a "petty tyrant".

  • Aldo Malaj
    Aldo Malaj  14 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to ... oops wrong Daug

  • Armstrong H
    Armstrong H  21 days ago

    I love your channel u desirve more subesribers

  • Promotions Only
    Promotions Only  21 days ago

    All this shows is this guy is a scumbag

  • Busa_rdr
    Busa_rdr  28 days ago

    Jay Cutler? Odd person to think about relating to the strength required to depress a clutch. Think Cutler is a weak QB at that. Should have said like Schwarzenegger or the Rock or even Stallone not Jay Cutler. Maybe a kick boxer or someone like that.

  • Simply Michael
    Simply Michael  1 months ago

    Lol that security guard. Common man people drink and you want to cause a ruckus when it would have been easy to check if they are guests. But it ended well. It’s always the case. I’m pretty sure his common sense kicked in.

  • Jordan Moir
    Jordan Moir  1 months ago

    I can't even get a warning for a light out

  • Cody Wulf
    Cody Wulf  1 months ago


  • Cody Wulf
    Cody Wulf  1 months ago


  • Younglilmeow Meow
    Younglilmeow Meow  1 months ago

    I feel like they tow these types of cars and say its a cartels car

  • Miguel Alcantara
    Miguel Alcantara  1 months ago

    Why didn't he just take off from the bicycle cop lol

  • asi somos tijuana
    asi somos tijuana  1 months ago

    In other words all cops are dicks

  • JJ48 Fan
    JJ48 Fan  1 months ago

    Oh yep, the bicycle cops at Road America get you every damn time.

  • Class Bonus
    Class Bonus  2 months ago

    Seems like this guy is kinda slow

  • Fight DHR
    Fight DHR  2 months ago

    This guy needs to hire someone to put tags on these high doaller machines..JESUS..Poor bastard..heheh

  • Mega hz
    Mega hz  2 months ago

    He looks like Flash from Justice League

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy  2 months ago

    Ahh gotta love me some white privilege.

  • Muadib223
    Muadib223  2 months ago

    That's what you get for being a moron and living in Ohio...