Trying To Fly Using Only Leaf Blowers

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 1, 2018
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  a years ago +16124

    Subscribe or I will sue you

  • Gaia Krugmann
    Gaia Krugmann  a years ago +2642

    You know those people in math textbooks who buy 30 watermelons? Thats MrBeast

  • MewMix
    MewMix  7 months ago +1293

    2018: close enough.

  • Whitney Ormond
    Whitney Ormond  2 months ago +608

    Plant a tree for every subscriber! 🌿🌾🌳🌲🌱🌿🌾🌳🌲🌱

  • Anora
    Anora  2 months ago +256

    Guy at the store: So sir, you are looking for leaf blowers? How many?
    MrBeast: Yes

  • Azzer Gaming1103
    Azzer Gaming1103  5 months ago +584

    goes into random hardware shop
    *MrBeast: iLl tAkE yOuR eNtirE stOcK

  • digi monistic
    digi monistic  11 months ago +3903

    why didn't they just connect them all with redstone so they can turn them all on at once with a lever?

  • Ayush singhal
    Ayush singhal  4 months ago +319

    Legends say that tape has reached the end of galaxy by now

  • Anita Morris
    Anita Morris  2 months ago +198

    Me:*looks up in sky to see yellow thing*
    Me:Mr BeAsT Is ArOuNd

    GOLDEN GAMER 100  4 months ago +488

    Mom:son, can you buy a new leaf blower.
    Son:no, because all of it had been sold

  • Justin Ayers
    Justin Ayers  2 months ago +148

    Neighbors:look out window, Just another normal day with the beasts.

  • Mezty
    Mezty  6 months ago +182

    Whilst watching this my mum asked if I was drilling something in my room

  • Cat Davidson
    Cat Davidson  1 months ago +47

    Mr beast: MOREEEEE
    LOWES: I'm getting sick of seeing this guy

  • Jv Maans
    Jv Maans  5 months ago +179

    What MrBeast is using to keep PewDiePie up against T-Series

  • V Larsen
    V Larsen  3 months ago +57

    Who needs a smoke signal when you have yellow caution tape??

  • JeyGaming HD
    JeyGaming HD  a years ago +714

    Ferb, I know what we're going to do today

  • Entity 302
    Entity 302  2 months ago +96

    6:54 That was the loudest thing we’ve EVER done!
    MegaPhones: Observe

  • Paper Sodapop
    Paper Sodapop  2 days ago +6

    man we need these for the are 51 raid to get over secerity

  • bored
    bored  5 months ago +167

    Why is noone talking about MrBeast's red cheeks?

  • free team
    free team  2 months ago +27

    That epic moment when the scene shows u the