Strongman Robert Oberst Says You Shouldn't Do Deadlifts | Joe Rogan

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1321 w/Robert Oberst:


  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes  yesterday

    "A warrior goes to war hungry"

  • slimunique84
    slimunique84  3 days ago

    Pudzianowski does ufc type shit too though. Thats the twist. And hes got sponsors now. U gotta diversify man.

  • Jaylon Jackson
    Jaylon Jackson  3 days ago

    Are all strongmen nice, sweet, gentle giants?

  • doug clark
    doug clark  3 days ago

    Its good to hear a sportsperson able to talk coherently and not resort to repeating phrases that they hear their sports psychologist say. It's not necessary for athletes to be rocket scientists but sometimes you hear them talk and they are just literally regurgitating things that keep them safe.

  • Marty Taylor
    Marty Taylor  3 days ago

    dEaDLiFtiNg wiTh eGo iS dAnGeRoUs... yeah, no shit Sherlocks! That’s why we call it ego lifting.

    Even people with great technique can push too hard or too long and cause themselves injuries.

  • Robert S
    Robert S  3 days ago

    Rockstar to horror film creator is not surprising...

  • Andria
    Andria  3 days ago

    Robert Oberst is a fool.

  • Dee Eagle
    Dee Eagle  4 days ago

    where can you see this strong man stuff live? He keeps talking about London, I need to be there!

  • Xavier Herrera
    Xavier Herrera  6 days ago

    You should get Sammy Guevara on here

  • rohan singh
    rohan singh  7 days ago

    ‘I am his HUGE fan’..... you don’t say 😅🏋🏻‍♀️

  • WilliamBlueSky
    WilliamBlueSky  7 days ago

  • Nashkar
    Nashkar  7 days ago +2

    Deadlifting is safe, deadlifting with ego and heavy loads of weight involved is dangerous.

  • J.M .B
    J.M .B  14 days ago

    I agree, I think deadlifts are not for the regular gym goer.

  • Franque Worren
    Franque Worren  14 days ago

    This guy is getting a lot of coverage despite being a shit strongman. He has never done decent at WSM ever. Useless fat lump.

  • chavinda rashmika
    chavinda rashmika  14 days ago

    Who's Joe?

  • theone
    theone  14 days ago

    This video has a lot of misinformation

  • Ytomany
    Ytomany  14 days ago

    Anyone who is new to working out please don’t listen to this guy and take it as fact there is so much misinformation in the fitness industry. This guy is talking about from his perspective he deadlifts fucking cars, and 890 pound barbells. Deadlift is a very core exercise the trick to not fucking up a deadlift is knowing how to do it and practice do it with little to no weight start there and build making sure you do it right.

  • Danny Villafana
    Danny Villafana  21 days ago

    Imagine this new generation without electricity all week 😂

  • oBioHaz
    oBioHaz  21 days ago

    bama and clemson does deadlift

  • Northernlights79
    Northernlights79  21 days ago your information is wrong.