Auston Matthews Scores 4 Goals In First NHL Game vs Sens 12/10/2016

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 12, 2016
  • Auston Matthews scores 4 Goals in first NHL career game


  • Canucks Fan
    Canucks Fan  21 days ago

    This is when we knew he was one of the best

  • Dragonborn Druid
    Dragonborn Druid  28 days ago

    And then they lose the game.

  • Steven Haskell
    Steven Haskell  2 months ago

    2:00 the face you make when you score 4 goals but realise you’re at Toronto Maple Laughs

  • J James
    J James  2 months ago +5

    Time flies. He actually looks like a kid here, its already been 3 years. Sometimes i have to remind myself this actually happened.

  • A YouTube Guy
    A YouTube Guy  2 months ago

    i think people wouldve been still buzzing about this if they had won the game lol loses his debut

  • VeXityy
    VeXityy  4 months ago

    this has to be the best debut in history, right??

  • J J
    J J  4 months ago

    almost forgot to watch this today

  • damien kehler
    damien kehler  4 months ago

    Okay that was awesome but WTH was ottowa doing on that second one? They just let him take it and walk on through

  • Eli Augustine
    Eli Augustine  4 months ago


  • Noah Barclay
    Noah Barclay  6 months ago

    He went full Lionel Messi on his 2nd goal

  • ReconCross
    ReconCross  6 months ago

    Hit em with the four like Auston Matthews

  • T.S.P
    T.S.P  7 months ago

    Ryan Poehling.

  • Young Savagey
    Young Savagey  7 months ago +2

    Matthews in his head that game “wow NHL is so easy”

  • Jim
    Jim  7 months ago

    I like how he plays it cool. You just set a fucking record that may never be broken buddy.

  • Sarah May
    Sarah May  7 months ago

    i am impressed auston matthews is my favorite player and toronto is my favorite team i can't belive matthews scored 4 goals on his 1st NHL career game

  • W. Dearth
    W. Dearth  7 months ago

    Probably a record you won't see broken.

  • coolstufftodo
    coolstufftodo  7 months ago

    They still lost lol

  • Rocha’s Mom
    Rocha’s Mom  7 months ago

    Hit em with the 4

  • hockeygirl 822
    hockeygirl 822  7 months ago


  • Fishin Alaska
    Fishin Alaska  7 months ago

    He had a good run. What happened 😛