How Amazon Returns Work

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 19, 2019
  • Returns take a major toll on retailers' bottom line and on the planet, but Amazon is taking big steps to change that. Free returns are now offered on almost all Amazon orders, with a new option to bring unboxed items in-person to any Kohl's store. The majority of returned Amazon items are resold to other consumers or liquidators, returned to suppliers, or donated through a new program Amazon hopes will cut down on waste.

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    How Amazon Returns Work


  • 크리스틴Christine

    I work for amazon UK haha trust me, if u wanna return an item just call customer service and if the item is less than 10gbp were fine if u dont return the thing and we will process refund for u

  • fugwi
    fugwi  2 days ago

    do explain that they are banning user accounts due to returns do explain that why ban consumers if there crap dont fit or work or cheaply made

  • I. templário
    I. templário  3 days ago +1

    A lot of people are losing their jobs due to companies this size .I Personally go shops I like to see what I am buying

  • Mobile Delivery LLC this driver did not pass the test but who care

  • The Flip
    The Flip  4 days ago +2

    Anyone else use amazon for a year and two and love it, then start to realize all of the bad things about it and then start going to real stores again. Lol, I love being able to just my stuff instantly without waiting for shipping, and I love being able to inspect my stuff first and try it out. Also shopping is fun and you don’t need to pay for shipping.

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie  5 days ago

    I do a huge bulk of my shopping on Amazon BECAUSE returns are so easy.

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage  6 days ago


  • terry broderick
    terry broderick  6 days ago

    Poor Amazon is going broke

  • Friedrich Lee
    Friedrich Lee  7 days ago +1

    I almost changed my Amazon user name to RETURN ABUSER

  • Hi
    Hi  7 days ago

    Returns are a big thing for me.
    I have only ever returned two items in my life.
    One was for Amazon. £160ish item, returned by Royal mail. Took less than 10 seconds and got an e-mail saying the money will be in my account within 7 days within a minute.
    The other was at CEX (a second hand store). £8 bluray disk set. It was an 8 disk set and one disk was missing. Took around 20ish minutes lining up with around 5-10 minutes of explaining and a feeling that it was my fault. All in all it took around 40ish minutes and I still have to wait around 7 days.

  • anastyb
    anastyb  7 days ago

    Yeah they even return dirty used Pampers and resell them. LOL

  • Halsare Snowpaw
    Halsare Snowpaw  7 days ago

    They talk about returns going back on the shelf to be resold. Do they even test/verify if the return works or all the parts are there before reselling it?

  • Linda Harper
    Linda Harper  7 days ago

    Yeah, Bezos! So much money he has nothing for anyone suffering!!!

  • seven
    seven  7 days ago +1

    Orders are returned because Amazon sends out used items. I once ordered a litter box and I received a used box with litter and feces inside and outside the box!!!

  • Tony Hillyard
    Tony Hillyard  7 days ago

    I am a very long term Amazon customer. Overall I am very happy with the service and I think the company is superb. My one gripe are the reviews. I always write a review, especially if the product is good. But on the rare occasion that I buy a product through Amazon and it is poor or the seller customer after sales service is bad - then I write a one star review. Time and again I am told my review is not acceptable and cannot be published. I never use bad language or unacceptable commets. But the bad reviews stay hidden.

    I wonder how many other Amazon customers have found this "selective" review policy. Not a good reputation for Amazon to have after all their years of hard work creating the best on-line company in history.

  • Mpotatoes16
    Mpotatoes16  7 days ago

    Amazon is saving Kohl's.. Now Re open Kmart and Toys R' Us and add Amazon returns.

  • frankyjayhay
    frankyjayhay  7 days ago

    I often wondered if they casually sent a returned item to another customer, I'm most impressed that Amazon doesn't do this and resells them as used even if they're immaculate.
    Shame about the abuse, people should realize how lucky they are compared with the long process a few decades ago.

  • Richard Sleeve
    Richard Sleeve  7 days ago

    I'm liking these mini documentaries. Keep them coming. I always feel bad returning things because I know they often can't be sold again.

  • Kurt Wetzel
    Kurt Wetzel  7 days ago

    You know what I like about Amazon items returned. For electronics and such these items are then sold as used items. The price is considerably less than a new item. But essentially you get a brand new item just with a open box/package. Plus these items are backed by Amazon and guaranteed.

  • Kurt Wetzel
    Kurt Wetzel  7 days ago

    If Amazon offers free returns on items it’s super easy. Take said item(s) to a UPS store. Email the return receipt to said UPS store. The person at the UPS store packages the item. It’s that easy.