The Day Lionel Messi Destroyed Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • This video is sponsored by the Onefootball app: Messi's wonderful El Clasico performance against Real Madrid back in 2017 in high definition and with english commentary.SOCIAL LINKS:📷 Instagram:👍 Facebook:👥 Twitter:📧 E-mail: 🔔Turn on notifications to never miss an upload!Hope you enjoyed this video, help me improve by leaving your opinion in the comments section. Visca El Barca & long live our GOAT Messi.LM10HD - where editing becomes an art.#Messi #LionelMessi #RealMadrid


  • Miyamoto Musashi  5 months ago

    Real Madrid tactics, "break his leg"

  • NinjaMeloN  4 days ago

    The Karate Kid 2010 last fight

  • Cisko_PlayZ  6 days ago

    Real Madrid are shit

  • First to see  2 months ago

    I saw the title and tought:Which day? There are so many

  • Thought *

  • Attention Whore  18 days ago

    the most recent one duh

  • AY Y2  2 months ago

    No the title is The day Real Madrid wanted to kill Messi

  • Jeon army  15 days ago

    @Pramod Adva u should watch the match properly

  • Virat Agarwal  2 months ago

    Damn right

  • FLAT EARTH NOMAD  4 months ago

    Stop debating Messi or Ronaldo. Its not a debate. Messi is the best player in world football. The end.

  • Cisko_PlayZ  6 days ago

    Bryan4569 then your dumb

  • Slama Salem  7 days ago


  • Title is wrong, it should be “one of the days Messi destroyed madrid at bernabeu”

  • Asad Ali  1 months ago

    What dyu want to prove??

  • Steve The III  1 months ago

    @Jaset messi scored a brace vs madrid in Champions League semifinal and his second goal was one of the best Champions League goals ever

  • Bobby Sandez  4 months ago

    Sometimes you have to take that yellow card after a goal to show the fans who's the boss

  • Sergio Avalos  26 days ago

    @JustNancy I don't recall seeing that. I guess that's because the camera people couldn't remove their eyes off CR7's abs :D

  • JustNancy  27 days ago

    @Sergio Avalos he gets the yellow most of the time. Depends how strict is the ref too.

  • Ricky AL  25 days ago

    Sergio Ramos + red card: Couple of the Century.

  • Bitapan Sarkar  17 days ago


  • FútbolMon  4 months ago

    Anyone noticed Messi winking at the ref during the end? Lol

  • ahmed ghare  16 days ago

    @Cheese just a joke chill.

  • vojake100  1 months ago

    @Cheese you dumbass Ramos deserves at least 3 reds in every game he plays we all know that.

  • TheBrownMan  12 months ago

    Wow casemeiro should have had a red card by the first half

  • Muslc Edits  13 days ago

    He was so salty and bad that game lol

  • Chris Redfield  4 months ago

    and that , right there , is the reason lionel messi is the best player in the world , lost teeth , bled for his team , played a portion of the match with tissue in his mouth , and still delivered , cristiano ronaldo would come off if he lost an eye lash

  • @hazem swelam no, you're deluded ignorant. "Portugal has no player close to being as good as Ronaldo" - do Argentina have one? Name him. Of course I'm right about Portugal being better, you ignored players like Cancelo, Semedo, Neves, Silva and many more by saying "it's just Ronaldo and Felix and rest are bad" - you show nothing but ignorance. The "Messi only played in La Liga" argument is nonsense, he's scored more goals against PL top6 than Ronaldo and as you've pointed ...