Joe Rogan | Are Alpha Males and Beta Males Real? w/Adam Conover

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1282 w/Adam Conover:


  • j ward
    j ward  32 minutes ago

    Smart fuckers win . Z

  • j ward
    j ward  36 minutes ago

    Evolution is as dead as my Dick now

  • Eric Tyle
    Eric Tyle  2 hours ago

    This guy is a total dumbass 3:22 He totally says "Um.. yea.. if you open your eyes and look at the facts .. you could come to that conclusion"

  • Alex Weise
    Alex Weise  2 hours ago

    America has this idiot alpha male narrative and the need for women to look like models. Many countries prefer heavyset men or women. Many countries prefer short skinny men and women.

    Each country has their own learned preferences. It is not scientific biology. If anything, it’s psychology.

  • Walter Olavarria
    Walter Olavarria  4 hours ago

    Historically the trend was to like women without the hourglass shape. The greeks, Romans and such. Not science just a trend. But none of this matters anyways.

  • Reason
    Reason  10 hours ago

    Adam Conover has the most punchable face

  • onee
    onee  14 hours ago +1

    Based on the dislikes, he must've triggered a lot of morons who buy into this alpha-beta bullshit.

    Btw, Joe's argument is wrong. They did this test in my country and asked educated girls who they were into. And uneducated girls who they were into by showing them pictures. The uneducated girls were into the guys Joe describes, muscular guys who looked like bodybuilders. However, the educated girls found guys with such body shapes disgusting. Also in surveys outside the US, most women tend to be into skinny guys who are just slightly muscular (think runway models), not bodybuilders. Simply because they find the bodybuilder look disgusting and scary. Even at my universities gym women wouldn't come to the section that was meant for power training, because all the muscular men were scaring them off.

    Btw, I get what Adam says, take for example a dumb bodybuilder who is clueless about science, and take him to NASA, is he still an "alpha" male? In the animal kingdom that shouldn't matter. The alpha male is always the alpha male. But in the human world that guy is useless, so is he a "beta" male now? Now take him to his job, where he works for someone else, is his boss the "alpha" over him?

  • Nova Dragon
    Nova Dragon  17 hours ago

    The "confident athletic man" isn't going to feel confident in every situation. Drop him in an entirely foreign social situation and he will be shy and approach conversations with caution. Knowledge in a given field is what grants confidence. Having a confident attitude in something one has no mastery in makes you look like a fool, so one typically defers to the greater authority.

    In other words, humans don't function based on "biggest is strongest", having knowledge and mastery, and being able to function socially puts you at a much higher advantage vs just an "alpha" mindset

  • Nova Dragon
    Nova Dragon  17 hours ago

    Joe, what you're saying is entirely speculative, there's no way to TEST for these assumptions, therefore it is NOT based on science. Adam is much more on point here

  • Denver Denver
    Denver Denver  21 hours ago

    Don’t have this annoying beta on again

  • Features
    Features  23 hours ago

    introverts can reck exstroverds with less words XD i have seen so many of those (srry bad english)

  • SkyFallsLegion
    SkyFallsLegion  yesterday

    Doesn't saying that no such thing as alpha males exists indicate that natural selection is wrong?

  • PatrickMcPow
    PatrickMcPow  yesterday

    god he is such a beta :D

  • Git Gud Greg
    Git Gud Greg  yesterday

    Let's cast Pee Wee Herman as John Wick and see how it goes.

  • Atheist Dingo
    Atheist Dingo  yesterday

    6:27 i love it when far left dolts cherry pick science. Bet this Adam knob is the first to say "climate change is a thing cause Science and everybody agrees cause science". Here he seems perfectly fine dismissing the science of evolution biology cause it doesnt fit his lefty woke culture narrative.

  • David R
    David R  yesterday

    Kudos to Adam for bringing science and facts to the ridiculously outdated notion of alpha and beta, one that has been taken back by the very person who coined it!

  • vinnyzan1
    vinnyzan1  yesterday

    This is nuianced af, Can't you be athletic and introverted ?

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny  yesterday

    Joe has the edge here. I do agree with Adam's view on the misuse of labels such as "alpha and beta" and also how situations can make this person more dominant than the other in that specific given situation, but when he starts talking about biological evolutionary theories pertaining to what people find attractive or rather what makes someone more physically dominant, I think he's completely clueless or possibly even in denial. I see a lot of people hating on him and dismissing his arguments immediately, but it's not like the dude doesn't have some valid points; he's just terribly misguided. Joe has done his research and educated himself on the subject by having conversations with people more learned than himself on this material, and he presented the information to Adam, but it seemed Adam didn't want to acknowledge it. Also, Adam cares way too much about the literal definition of "alpha" and "beta" whereas most intelligent people realize these words when applied to humans are not actually meant to be taken literally.

  • Russ Canduit
    Russ Canduit  yesterday

    This is the man your wife told you not to worry about. Just kidding, he's invisible in her eyes.

  • Alec 7
    Alec 7  yesterday +1

    People who don’t believe alpha and beta males don’t exist are probably betas