The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2019 & 2020 (Trailer)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • Top Upcoming Action Movies 2019 Trailer Compilation | Subscribe ➤ | Action Movie Trailer | More
    Included in this compilation are Bloodshot, Jungle Cruise, Star War 9: The Rise of Skywalker, Top Gun Maverick, Charlies Angels, Bad Boys 3: For Life, The Gentlemen, 6 Underground, Jumanji: The Next Level, The Kings Man, Terminator 6: Dark Fate, Birds of Prey, Midway, Coma

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  • KinoCheck International
    KinoCheck International  3 months ago +63

    There we go, our new action compilation packed with movies you don't want to miss in the upcoming months.

    Update: We missed to add… NEW MUTANTS ➤ & UNDERWATER ➤

  • Michele Marcolin
    Michele Marcolin  5 days ago

    Jesus, what a streak of boredom... no story at all anywhere. Hollywood is really at its end. Same characters, same quotes... Times changes, folk! Wake up? Are Americans really addicted to this stuff or they go watching these movies because there is nothing else but football? Just effects and artificial unreal stunts to keep the viewer busy...

  • Stephen Donne
    Stephen Donne  6 days ago

    if you want the really bad news: Tom 'Look at me aren't I great' Cruise coming back in another Mummy movie!

  • arun Kumar
    arun Kumar  14 days ago

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  • Joel Plamondon
    Joel Plamondon  28 days ago

    Uh, what’s Dr Smith / Miss Harris from Lost In Space doing there?

  • Frankie Cash
    Frankie Cash  1 months ago +1

    kristen stewart is ugly and can not act for shit why is she in this movie

  • Beant Singh
    Beant Singh  1 months ago

    🙏ਜੈ ਹਿੰਦੂ ਸੰਤਾਨ 🇮🇳🙏

  • The Punisher 3771
    The Punisher 3771  1 months ago

    That was a LOT of work to put together - and every movie looked great - thanks very much for compiling and sharing this video !!

  • Dan Busa
    Dan Busa  1 months ago

    Great Movie ! Don't miss it !!!!

  • Dao Seeker
    Dao Seeker  1 months ago

    Wow Coma sounds terrible, just complete trash. The dubbed over voices are shockingly bad -> 29:15, and the voice acting itself is atrocious, especially the main character. A shame, cause it seems like an interesting concept.

  • Alan Timms
    Alan Timms  1 months ago

    2 visits to the movies next year 1917 and Kingsmen

  • MrPCT007
    MrPCT007  1 months ago +1

    Here's a thought for those that are tired of retreads and sequels. Put down your smartphone, get off the internet and actual create your own experience instead of living vicariously through a movie. Meet new people you never thought of meeting, you know, people that don't look like you, not in your circle of friends and have a different perspective on life, Do things. Geez people these are just movies, "why so serious" 🃏

  • Tad Dunavan
    Tad Dunavan  1 months ago +5

    Can we end the God damn Star Wars crap already?!

  • Copper Rabbit
    Copper Rabbit  1 months ago +2

    Who in Hollywood keeps deciding to cast the Rock???
    he's a terrible actor,
    or am I missing something.
    Another movie i'd probably watch if it weren't for him,
    'B' grade actor for life.

  • Lastdaysofspring
    Lastdaysofspring  1 months ago +3

    shame on that painful version of the "queen of africa"

  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja  1 months ago

    Huh, another robocop

  • Co Z
    Co Z  1 months ago

    Bloodshot is supposed to have hair!!

  • Ронай Дневной свет

    American Films Are Number 1 in the world.

  • arun Kumar
    arun Kumar  1 months ago

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