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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 31, 2018
  • We take Lasercorn to trial to pay for the crimes he has committed in Maricraft! We've got a courtroom. We've got a very dope bailiff. We've got the world famous Judge Betty. This is Smosh & Order!

    Wes Johnson @Wes_IRL
    David Moss @LaserCorn
    Kristina Nikolic @kristinanikopic
    Joshua Ovenshire @TheJovenshire
    Damien Haas @DamienHaas
    Matt Sohinki @Sohinki
    Mari Takahashi @atomicmari
    Ericka Bozeman @bigbossboze
    Noah Grossman @noahgrossman214

    Directed by: Boze
    Produced by Alex Hluch & Matt Raub
    Smosh Games Creative Director: Matt Raub
    Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
    Producer: Garrett Palm
    Producer: Kristina Nikolic
    DP: Billy Yates
    Cam Op: Brennan Ikatani
    Cam Op: Mitch Anderson
    Sound: Greg Jones
    Technical Director/DIT: Josh Jackson
    PA: Katie Michels
    Post-Production Supervisor: Brett Noborikawa
    Editor: Spencer Agnew

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  • Smosh Games
    Smosh Games  a years ago +7030

    None of this was scripted. Each person was assigned a random role and got to pick clothes from a giant rack then we flipped on the cameras and had a blast. Drop a like if you enjoyed this and we can do more!

  • Emily Farro
    Emily Farro  13 hours ago +2

    Six nine was skookth when he saw Damien

  • Haunted Haunter
    Haunted Haunter  23 hours ago +1

    Sohinki needs to be in more of these

  • Raisinbrooke
    Raisinbrooke  4 days ago

    13:39 is the funniest part for me

  • SolarFlare
    SolarFlare  4 days ago +1

    I like how they use counsels as lie detectors

  • Toby Rogers
    Toby Rogers  7 days ago


  • theboatman 56
    theboatman 56  7 days ago +1

    sohinki is the best bayleft

  • VibeO
    VibeO  7 days ago +1

    Why does lasercorn look like a version of tekashi that hasn’t smoked enough crack

  • bambau
    bambau  7 days ago

    They need to bring this back. It's the best. ♥

  • ju5t1nyu
    ju5t1nyu  14 days ago

    If Noah was my professor I'd drop out of school

  • volvskillet
    volvskillet  14 days ago

    Who was the bailiff

  • Kelden Tshokey Euden

    Oh god when Mari did a speech I was eyes got watery

  • The Editor
    The Editor  a months ago

    Pigman can smell the lies
    Pigman can smell the guilt
    Pigman knows
    It was judge Betty

  • Radd0
    Radd0  a months ago

    7:51 why is his voice so deep all of a sudden

    SKYLER LAMBEYE  a months ago

    I sentence you to 9 years in federal prison

  • Catalina Espy
    Catalina Espy  a months ago

    My favorite part will always be shohinki "you'd be wise to shut your dam mouth

  • Elijah _j
    Elijah _j  a months ago

    10:21 OMG “He flick me off, he flicka me off!”

  • Aries The Furry
    Aries The Furry  a months ago

    Betty out ✌🏻

  • Liz Avida
    Liz Avida  a months ago

    joven is actually wearing a suit!

  • Mr Siege
    Mr Siege  a months ago

    Judge, permission to kill the witness xD