The TRUTH About Tesla Model 3 After 1 Year...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 23, 2019
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance review after 1 year of ownership. Is Tesla able to hold its crown as producer of the best all-electric vehicle? How does it compare to the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series and Kia Stinger?

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    A lot of questions come up when talking Tesla. How's reliability? What about battery degradation? Has the build quality deteriorated? How's the paint job? And the range? And the charging situation? And service costs? What about performance? And Autopilot? And Smart Summon? And more! All of this is answered in this comprehensive Tesla Model 3 review after one year of ownership.


  • Snazzy Labs
    Snazzy Labs  3 months ago +973

    Excited for everyone to finally see this! We're super proud of it and think it's the best video we've ever made. If you decide to pick up your own Tesla, get free Supercharging and help us out by using my affiliate link!

  • Aaron Nichols
    Aaron Nichols  4 hours ago

    Sorry, but there is absolutely nothing sporty or aggressive about the Models 3’s exterior design and it certainly looks nothing like a Porsche. And, no, I’m not a Porsche owner. The Model 3, especially the front, looks like a deformed female fish. Outside of that, it seems like an OK vehicle if you also enjoy milk toast.

  • D Wnright
    D Wnright  6 hours ago

    many thanks. you should have pointed out that it's very easy to upgrade to a new battery 10- 15 years from now. almost certainly this will be my next car.

  • Hemberg
    Hemberg  7 hours ago

    Best part of the video: 1:41

  • Peter James
    Peter James  11 hours ago

    Thanks for great video

  • bozkuhi
    bozkuhi  13 hours ago

    I Tacitly object to the Temerity of your Temper Tantrum on the Tactility of Buttons.

  • JeepCherokeeful
    JeepCherokeeful  15 hours ago

    Why would driving notifications even exist in the back seat?

  • lookatmoy
    lookatmoy  15 hours ago

    Aaaaghhh...! Truth!?....Stop! My ears hurt.

  • Marcus Raisbeck
    Marcus Raisbeck  17 hours ago

    Can you still get in the car if your phone dies?

  • stringer 2295
    stringer 2295  18 hours ago

    Made for dickheads. It looks like a kids buggy.

  • smashbrosonic x
    smashbrosonic x  20 hours ago

    When you're secretly a drummer in a matching band.

  • En théo
    En théo  yesterday

    What about security in case of accident ? Will such a light car really protect you ?

  • Albo Nezi
    Albo Nezi  yesterday

    Trash car, the smartphone of cars, looks outdated in 1 year

  • R. Scott McDonald

    Overall a very informative video - and seemed balanced with 'pluses' and 'minuses' instead of the typical missionary zeal one frequently gets from Tesla owners. I was particularly stunned by the body denting and poor paint issues. The austere dashboard is a bit off-putting, with everything being reliant on the iPad infotainment screen. Questions regarding 'self-driving' autos persist, yet that topic effectively was left out of this effort. I appreciate the production effort - Tesla should bounce for a free car foer you!

  • S2DaM 00
    S2DaM 00  yesterday

    If i send elon feedback, will he name it big dick mode?

  • Finch Customs
    Finch Customs  yesterday

    I have a 2015 Chrysler 200 that for some reason lots of ppl mistake for a tesla. 🤷‍♂️

  • Smith Js
    Smith Js  yesterday

    Panoramic roof at the front would not be nice a sunny day.

  • 王大东
    王大东  yesterday

    Yo why did you bought a model 3 than you say is TRASH

  • Walter Duckworth

    You've mentioned assembly gaps, dents, and how substandard the paint is. How about system failures and costs to repair/replace them? Any unforeseen maintenance costs? Insurance costs, lower/higher? Specialized recharging receptacle costs for your home? Any unique or special driving problems in severe weather conditions (rain, snow, ice, wind)? What safety features are equipped? Plastic and aluminum construction dosen't sound extremely reliable to me. Anything else to add?

  • Astref
    Astref  yesterday

    Snazzy Garage!?