How Many Rubber Bands Does It Take To Snap A Safe?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  a years ago +33988


  • UniCatTastic10
    UniCatTastic10  1 months ago +1152

    MrBeast: so who’s cleaning this all?
    Jake has left the chat
    Chris has left the chat
    Chandler has left the chat
    Katie has left the chat
    Tyler has left the chat
    Garret has left the chat
    Deleware has left the chat
    Ethan has left the chat
    Bailey has left the chat
    Chandler’s Dad has left the chat
    Brother Bobby has left the chat
    Tareq has left the chat
    Dustin has left the chat
    MrBeast: hey guys whoever cleans this up wins $200,000
    Chandler has joined the chat
    Jake has joined the chat
    Garret has joined the chat
    Tyler has joined the chat
    Chris has joined the chat
    Katie has joined the chat
    Deleware has joined the chat
    Chandler’s dad has joined the chat
    Ethan has joined the chat
    Bailey has joined the chat
    Brother Bobby has joined the chat
    Tareq has joined the chat
    Dustin has joined the chat
    Chandler has lost connection to the chat

  • stardust11235
    stardust11235  1 months ago +2284

    This is how many times Morgz copied mrbeast

  • The iron legend
    The iron legend  21 days ago +291

    This is how many times Chris moisturizes every day

  • KrustyKat
    KrustyKat  1 months ago +791

    Mr beast: If you wear CLOTHES you win 10,000 dollars
    Chandler: still in the shower

  • Nikolaaa
    Nikolaaa  1 months ago +248

    Mr. Beast: destroyed whole room
    HowToBasic: Hold my egg

  • Gabe Calise
    Gabe Calise  1 months ago +477

    This is the literal definition of just a bunch of dudes locked in a room together with a camera

  • Rethmeyer Iris
    Rethmeyer Iris  1 months ago +117

    MrBeast: u may have more subscribers than me...
    Me: *looks up Logan Paul to see that he had less subscribers...

  • Thunder Noriety -
    Thunder Noriety -  1 months ago +78

    Cop: why is there 4 men walking in the bank with a bag full of rubber bands??
    Criminal: shop mr.beast

  • Yup Itsme
    Yup Itsme  6 months ago +8536

    Fill a pool full of moisturizer and then blindfold Chris and push him in
    Edit: Chris. I’m sorry

  • Zachary Gajewski
    Zachary Gajewski  1 months ago +132

    I am already subscribed! SO ha take that mrbeast you can't have my cookies

  • Derrick Rocha-Cerda
    Derrick Rocha-Cerda  1 months ago +57

    NO ONE!!!

  • Jaz Waz
    Jaz Waz  1 months ago +52

    Logan Paul: I make stupid vids for a job
    Theodd1sout: I make cartoons as a job
    Mrbeast: I DO THIS

  • Kip
    Kip  1 months ago +65

    4:44 did anybody else here the sound of when someone texts you on Discord???
    Or is it just me 😂😂😂😂

  • Thecertainscientific RAILGUN!

    Mr beast: who lives in a pineapple under the sea? No one!

  • More Hopkins
    More Hopkins  21 days ago +20

    Don’t worry MrBeast now you have more subs than Logan Paul

  • datonlyguy
    datonlyguy  1 months ago +23

    MrBeast now has more subscribers than Logan Paul!

  • Lel I’m a face
    Lel I’m a face  21 days ago +11

    Mr beast after getting 19million views instead we of 9 million: how many rubber bands does it take to destroy the earth

  • The crazy Crashe
    The crazy Crashe  2 months ago +1318

    *logan paul*: im one of the fastest growing channels on youtube.
    *mr beast*: hold my money stack.

  • Mihael Zuba
    Mihael Zuba  4 days ago +3

    In loving memoriam of