Jojen Paste: does Bran eat Jojen?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 21, 2015
  • In Game of Thrones / ASOIAF, does Bran Stark eat Jojen Reed as part of his training under "the three-eyed crow"? Jojen Paste is one of the craziest Game of Thrones theories, but it might just be true...A visual explanation and analysis of Jojen Paste, a Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones fan theory about Bran Stark and Jojen Reed.This video contains major spoilers for Season 5 and Book 5.Subscribe: with Toon Boom Studio 8.1, Adobe Creative Cloud, a Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet, and a Blue Yeti microphone.Images and video from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Star Wars are the property of their creators, used here under fair use.Thanks to the following supporters on Patreon:xandria lenert, @MrFifaSA, Cameron Weiss, @ Vineyarddawg, Michael Appell, zyad aloqily, staffio the seventh, Fred Petty, Jason Rattray, Madeline Cockrel.Thanks to María Mariño Costa for the Spanish subtitles.


  • King Mckay
    King Mckay  3 years ago +3564

    GRRM just can't have one happy Stark can he

  • Shinji Ikari
    Shinji Ikari  3 years ago +2408

    You're really good at pacing these right. It's accessible and really professional.

  • Nefarias Bredd
    Nefarias Bredd  3 years ago +2429


  • Chicken Mike
    Chicken Mike  3 years ago +1547

    Damn, the Lord of Light wants people burnt, the Drowned God wants them drowned, the Horse God wants them...whatever happens to horses - and the Old Gods want our boy Bran to eat his companion!!?

  • Lo4nW0LF99
    Lo4nW0LF99  3 years ago +435

    I guess that's why hbo blew jojen up on the show, they're ok with blood and gore + sex and nudity, but kids eating other kids is crossing the line lol

  • Aidan McLir
    Aidan McLir  3 years ago +1048

    Brannibal Lecter
    I'll see myself out.

  • Mugen
    Mugen  3 years ago +1067

    Saw the title and was like, "The hell? That's stupid." And then you go and make it all sound so pausible. I'm super impressed.

  • Juan Pablo Mina
    Juan Pablo Mina  3 years ago +171

    A couple of points to reinforce your arguments:
    - Bran actually calls Bloodraven a monster. Sure, he doesn't know him when he says it, but still, that's the vibe he got from his dreams and his time with Coldhands. Bran I, ADwD:
    Meera's gloved hand tightened around the shaft of her frog spear. "Who sent you? Who is this three-eyed crow?"
    "A friend. Dreamer, wizard, call him what you will. The last greenseer." The longhall's wooden door banged open. Outside, the night wind howled, bleak and black. The trees were full of ravens, screaming. Coldhands did not move.
    "A monster," Bran said.
    - Bran's not only doing all those morally dubious things you were talking about, he's also mind-raping Hodor. While controlling Hodor's body, he clearly feels that Hodor doesn't like it, but Bran wears his skin anyway:
    The big stableboy never understood what was happening, and Bran could taste the fear at the back of his mouth. (Bran I, ADwD)
    Like a dog who has had all the fight whipped out of him, Hodor would curl up and hide whenever Bran reached out for him. His hiding place was somewhere deep within him, a pit where not even Bran could touch him. (Bran III, ADwD)
    Bran doesn't feel bad about using a person that has been nothing but loyal to him, even though said person doesn't like what Bran does. Someone who has carried him and accompanied in a very dangerous and uncomfortable journey. It's not that far from eating another loyal friend.
    Great video!

  • CadaverJunky
    CadaverJunky  3 years ago +469

    It's possible Jojen will be killed or has ALREADY been killed, but I never saw the "Jojen paste" as strong proof of this.
    They tell him it's made of weirwood paste; the "red veins" are weirwood sap. This is why the faces on the trees are always seen crying "blood" -- it's just the color of their sap.
    I think this might be another case of GRRM throwing us a red herring. Bloodraven wouldn't risk upsetting Bran this early on into their training by killing his friends.

  • Dylan Palmer
    Dylan Palmer  3 years ago +513

    That's some pretty damning evidence. Blood Raven always did creep me out.

  • Fangtorn
    Fangtorn  3 years ago +141

    It's funny, sometimes I read the titles of these videos and I'm like, no, there's no way, but then before the video is done I'm convinced.

  • Tom Lui
    Tom Lui  2 months ago +74

    And now he's the king of Westeros.....WHAT A WEIRD WORLD WE LIVE IN

  • jord99
    jord99  2 months ago +40

    Rollin' down the North, pulled by Meera, sippin' on Jojen juice. Laid back (with my mindmeld to Hodor and my Hodor on my mind).

  • Christopher John Pegg
    Christopher John Pegg  3 years ago +67

    He's literally called Bloodraven... helllllooooo

  • Mekkkor
    Mekkkor  3 years ago +743

    I and I am sure all your subscribers really appreciate the amount of work you put into your videos. I can tell it takes ages and all the little details you put in and animate are awesome. Thanks a lot!

  • Michael H
    Michael H  3 years ago +796

    Hoping for a patchface video soon!

  • BloodyMaryV
    BloodyMaryV  3 years ago +131

    Bran was late for those delicious Frey pies but at least he get some Jojen pie.

  • reksub
    reksub  2 years ago +53

    bran was eating jojens paste well before the cave.lots of protien.

  • Simon Afflerbach
    Simon Afflerbach  3 years ago +64

    Alltough i have only seen the series, the storyline of the books and it's writing sound much more interesting than the series!

  • Nastrael Rowe
    Nastrael Rowe  2 years ago +53

    It should be noted that the emphasis on darkness isn't necessarily a reference to "evil". In fact, it seems that it means just what it seems at face value; actual literal darkness. Sensory depravation is directly linked to the awakening of psychic ability in ASoIaF.
    Bran's warging potential is awakened when he's in his coma; when he is, effectively, in darkness. His and Rickon's abilities are further enhanced during their time in the crypts; when they're in darkness. Bran begins to reach his full potential when he spends time in the cave with Bloodraven; in darkness. Arya learns to warg only after being blinded by the Faceless men; when she lives in darkness. Aeron's spiritual awakenings take place only once he is held captive in dungeons; when he's in darkness.
    I could go on, but I think you get the point. Sure, it may seem sketchy at first glance, but when compared to everything else we see in ASoIaF, Bloodraven's words can really only mean one thing. Darkness will make Bran strong, because when he cannot see he is forced to open his "third eye", awakening and strengthening his psychic abilities.