Devil May Cry is Deeper Than You Think

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 4, 2019
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  • Ephexia
    Ephexia  5 days ago

    Oh people actually though the reboot was good.?? I mean I understand soundtrack wise cuz noisia.

  • Red bear
    Red bear  7 days ago +1

    After watching this video I have a question, can DMC5 considered Vergil's Awakening? When V comes back into himself Griffin Nightmare and Shadow decide to not come back with him to put and end to Vergil's nightmare, can we condider this like Vergil's humanity Awakening? He decides to sever the Cliphot's roots and Seal the portal with Yamato because of Nero, doesn't this make him human again? In DMC5 thanks to V we can finally see through the veil and anknoledge Vergil's humanity After all. Dante decides to follow his Brother not Just because he wants to set the master with him, but because he wants to stay by his side, fight with him in Case another mundus pop out, he doesn't want his Brother to became another Nelo Angelo, in my opinion...

  • DkXboxer
    DkXboxer  7 days ago

    You can tell who didn't play devil may cry as a kid because they weren't intimidated by the castle and stand in awe of the divinity statue theme.
    Go ahead and tell me that shit ain't Deep and full of meaning.

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner  14 days ago +1

    It is incredible how many themes are contained within this series. Character growth, evolution, rivalry, but also keeps that in each entry. How many action titles still adapt this narrative?

    This is why DMC has a leg up on concepts. It is deep. And I love it

  • FZ One
    FZ One  21 days ago +1

    This is the kind of content that I want, made me click the subscribe button in a matter of sec.

  • Maki Ruby Rose
    Maki Ruby Rose  28 days ago +1

    I have never heard anyone claim that the reboot was a good thing (besides the main developer) I always thought the reboot was a huge mistake since the originals were way better. This is coming from someone who played the reboot first

  • Sulthan Arya
    Sulthan Arya  1 months ago

    The thing about Dante being hate his father is actually mistranslate.

    In japan he does say "Father? he has nothing to do with this"

    This the same case with DMC 5 who had more mistranslate in cutscenes, like Urizen say he didn't remember his home and Eva.

    But in Japanese he say "it doesn't matter anymore"

    HONOR LANTERN  1 months ago

    the library scene with lady is more deep than a fuckin a black hole, I have no idea why people talk trash about a game series made so well

  • Rob Hall
    Rob Hall  1 months ago +1

    Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the remake.

    However, it still paled when compared with the original.

    It probably would have been better if the remake was made as a separate series altogether instead of riding on the shoulders of its giant of a namesake.

  • boldbearings
    boldbearings  1 months ago +1

    Rebooting as "bold new direction" is such a cringy sickness.

  • Albert Gongora
    Albert Gongora  2 months ago

    All right I'm going to see this I won't lie the DMC reboot was a good game don't get me wrong but I am going to say it's not the best and my question is what dumbass group of fans would literally think that the original games of Devil May Cry are lesser games capable of telling a story versus the reboot because I'm sorry to say this the reboots idea of Storytelling is okay but still terrible in my opinion while the original game actually told their story in a different way and I understand okay the creator of the game series didn't have an exact idea of how he chronically wanted to go and if you really did get number three comes first number one actually is supposed to be number two and if you want neither you can put number two as number three or number for as number three and two as four whatever order you want to go for those last two and learning that I think this version of Don t going from being an immature person to becoming somebody that is maturing overtime is the best type of character development in a game and plus when it comes to a storytelling device because if you haven't carried there that just acts like a total pain and keeps cussing everyone out it gets boring really fast and then it loses mastalgia so I'm sorry to say this to the DMC fans who think the reboot is like the greatest thing in the world and I do understand okay maybe it's mechanic or a lot more funner to play with vs. Other games but I know I will give it a problem because it did lead into the development of Devil May Cry 5 which is you know it's best sequels ever but sometimes it upsets me that the fandoms always fight or complain about the most stupidest crap that literally makes no sense and I'm sorry to say a man get over it I mean I don't see you going millions of dollars into a game to be developed for the sake of millions of people all around the world worldwide so if you can get it through your head that you prefer this crap called a video game versus the original games then you really don't have taste games in my opinion and you're just going off of something that feels similar to a god of war Phil well that's the thing that field doesn't work for everyone

  • Lala The Mage
    Lala The Mage  2 months ago +1

    I hated DmC for being a reboot and trying very hard to erase what was already there in the first FOUR freaking games. I enjoyed the gameplay and soundtrack, but that was about it :P

  • Jean Sandre
    Jean Sandre  2 months ago +2

    "Comes along to help other good demons"
    Makes it even deeper when I see him in SMT: Nocturne

  • Filosofo del tubo
    Filosofo del tubo  3 months ago

    For my opinion DMC V represent the new brain-washing project directly from Japan: is the new MK-Ultra from the rising sun. Level programmig and gameplay are not for children...not only a video-game!

  • White-Van Helsing
    White-Van Helsing  3 months ago

    i hate mf both Vergils, the scenes without Dante talking to Vergil and just vergil and arkham are awful

    there's way more under the surface in 1 than 2 imo, lucia's story is better but dante's is empty and has no story at all, it's like the worst action movie of all time
    DmC best game

  • vamrack powerhouse
    vamrack powerhouse  4 months ago

    I never liked playing as nero he always took time away from me playing as dante. And now in 5 oh god its even worse. Good gamplay but didn't really get to use danta that much

  • Tyler Gilbert
    Tyler Gilbert  4 months ago

    Thought I’d point out Dante surpassed his father in 2, and arguably in 1 too, the 3 swords are Spardas power spilt into 3 and all with different abilities out of them Sparda seems to increase your power the most and he needed it and some help from Trish just to beat Mundus, where as Sparda needed the power of all three to seal Mundus and Argosax, and in DMC2 he beat Argosax with just the rebellion and by himself Note Argosax rivals Munus in power so almost equals so by DMC4 and 5 Dante has far surpassed his father.

  • nikan saboori
    nikan saboori  4 months ago

    im realy want you make same video for DMC 5

  • Amiibros Central
    Amiibros Central  4 months ago

    Do you think you could do a wasted potential on trish. I feel there is a lot of potential with her character that could potentially have a knock on effect for dante.

  • Talon Grein
    Talon Grein  5 months ago

    i admit the dmc dmc was awful in terms of story but were going off all 4 games from the og so its being kind of unfair in terms of that mabye if the actualy producers were more aware of the other games they would of come out with something better then what we got.