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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 22, 2016
  • Here's how I did my makeup in high school!Subscribe!♡ ♡ ♡


  • taylor allen  2 years ago

    Lol for all those who bullied you, look at you now and what you do 😜☕️🐸

  • gabrielle smith  2 years ago

    is it bad that I actually still like the eyes. they're not that bad.

  • Silvia Zhang  5 months ago

    gabrielle smith same lol

  • Olivia B  7 months ago

    Right like when she’s sarcastically saying it’s cute I’m like ... yeah. Like I’d actually try that.

  • WhatWouldJoDo  2 years ago

    But why does her eyeshadow nOT LOOK THAT BAD!?

  • You're looking like Kesha!

  • Andrea Bisenius  2 years ago

    She thinks this is bad... This slays

  • Andrea Bisenius  2 years ago

    Well maybe not the foundation XD

  • Alex Sneed  2 years ago

    Please do a "how I would do my wedding makeup now" video!!!!

  • Looks By Naheemah  1 years ago

    Alex Sneed hi

  • Charity Foreman  1 years ago


  • you should do a modern twist to ur hs makeup! u could make it work!!

  • Melody Overholser  10 months ago

    yes she should do a modern twit

  • Alexis Payton  2 years ago

    Elizabeth Espinosa watch the video ombré sunset makeup tutorial by her!! She says in the video she recreated this look.

  • Angela Wilson  2 years ago

    Not sure why all these girls are so shocked about all MAC and how it wasn't popular back then. Just because you did not discover it til 3 years ago does not mean anything. MAC blew up in 2002 in my world.

  • Megan G  4 months ago

    @Allison Lujan SAME THOUGH I remember watching my mom and getting in trouble for smearing mac eyeshadow all over my face XD

  • Nic W  1 years ago

    megan sullivan I used to go through so many tubes of C-thru. I was obsessed with glossy, super nude lips, horrid looking!

  • crazymnky99  2 years ago

    this is like an Xtina look

  • xDigitalMonster  2 years ago

    you used mac in high school??? i used drug store and still do bahahaha xD

  • nyssa salinas  2 months ago

    She did say she had a JOB

  • MarineBabe87  1 years ago

    xDigitalMonster I always used drugstore makeup in high school too now that I’m an adult and on my own I buy a little more pricier makeup but not too expensive! Lol 😂