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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 2, 2019
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  • Kid Animator  4 months ago

    Miss bee? WeirdPapa bee? RoastedCookies? GoneShrek? WreckedImages? HiddenHotel? trivago

  • Maya Roy  1 months ago


  • Super Sapphire  1 months ago

    Kid Animator You got that from SSSniperwolf I know it 😂🤣😜

  • It’s Birdie  4 months ago

    Up next: Dad looks in my recently deleted folder

  • Gacha Blue :3  11 days ago

    It’s Birdie yes

  • gg tt  20 days ago


  • Curly bean  4 months ago

    5:06 I no joke laughed so hard my teacher banned me from using my phone.

  • Hailey Jenkins  1 months ago

    Same. same

  • Super Sapphire  1 months ago

    Curly bean What Papa Bee screamed and it was too loud in class? BUSTED

  • A Person  4 months ago

    If my dad went through my camera roll he would see chinchillas and cats. BTW thanks for almost 70 likes

  • Aesthetic Avery  8 days ago

    look at your likes again

  • Julia Chociej  2 months ago

    Oo i have a chinchilla🥰

  • Crimson  4 months ago

    She seems like someone i'd be friends with, solid memes and good music taste.👌

  • Rose Oaks  4 months ago

    To the 1% that see this I hope u have a wonderful day /night❤️❤️Edit: Wow thanks for the likes really didn’t need any just wanted to make people’s day ❤️😁Edit 2: omg I am sooooo happy I made 1.8k people’s day!!! ❤️🤗 Thank you!Edit 3: Yayy I made 1.9k people smile 😭😁❤️

  • Carwyn Carpio  20 days ago

    Rose Oaks ol

  • Mason M  1 months ago

    Rose Oaks um morning/afternoon/night

  • Estella Stevens  4 months ago

    I love your shirt! Who else loves The Beatles?

  • Park Chumin  11 hours ago

    I want that shirt sooo freaking bad...

  • Smita Sowani  9 days ago

    Me !

  • Rebecca Meyer  4 months ago

    Ok, can we just talk about her outfit? It's so freaking cute!!! She is literally so pretty it's unreal!!! Love you!!!

  • SadesThe Lades  4 months ago

    Miss Bee - Amazing Papa Bee - Cool dadMr. Bee - UnderstandShrek- Wrecked Hotel- Trivago WEAVE - SNATCHEDD

  • Moonwolf -gaming-  3 months ago

    Itz ur girl Sadie still the way u listed it

  • SadesThe Lades  3 months ago

    @• perfectly zoey • no I did it differently

  • Soso And zippy  4 months ago

    I have the same phone background as you 😱😘😭❤️🤞🏽

  • Crispy Bacon  2 months ago

    I have a really similar one! It's one of the whole queen band in Bohemian Rhapsody