NHL: Pucks to the Mask Part 2

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 19, 2018
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  • Lisa Schreier
    Lisa Schreier  a years ago +173

    You are one of the few youtubers who make actually good content. And thank you for that. I mean there are plenty of good youtubers, but you know what I mean.

  • Karen Atchison
    Karen Atchison  yesterday

    Wow I remember that shot on Pete Peeters that was at the capital centre and I was at that game...

  • Jeff Resler
    Jeff Resler  4 days ago +1

    Shea weber is a peace of shit he shoot doesens of goalies and players giving them big injurys

  • Mike McNiel
    Mike McNiel  7 days ago

    that using your head

  • A4A5
    A4A5  7 days ago

    I’m glad I have a good mask

  • Connor Zaiz
    Connor Zaiz  7 days ago

    I can only imagine how horrific these injuries would have been if goalies didn't wear masks today

  • Picax8398
    Picax8398  7 days ago +2

    "Ya know he's got that glow in the dark pattern on his mask"... End

    That made me laugh

  • Jason Nanooch
    Jason Nanooch  7 days ago

    ll lmlmewwss

  • doggin6
    doggin6  21 days ago

    Bunch of bitches. The mask takes the hit. Stop being dramatic pussies. I get hit in the mask almost every game, not once have I ever dropped to the ground and made a big deal over it, but I’ve seen other goalies do it a million times. Call me out.

  • mj juju
    mj juju  1 months ago +9

    8:11 thought my headphones broke

  • JT
    JT  1 months ago

    Good to see Mike Smith has been a pussy for years.

  • Henry McNeil
    Henry McNeil  1 months ago

    Hasek was smart wearing that mask. Less neck protection but more face and head protection. People don't take into account that loose goalie helmet smacks you in the face and rattles the head more when It gets hit

  • Liam Rose
    Liam Rose  1 months ago

    This whole video is just a compilation of stars goaltenders getting hit by pucks on the mask

  • V Maio
    V Maio  1 months ago

    I remember a game in the 80's when Rick Vaive of the Leafs took off part of Richard Brodeur's ear with the Canucks at Maple Leaf Gardens. Brodeur had to have his ear surgically repaired. He was taken to the hospital immediately after he got hit.

  • Joiner44412 Fortnite
    Joiner44412 Fortnite  1 months ago +1

    1:39 he changed the subject super fast

  • Dodger99
    Dodger99  2 months ago

    1:05 Ok so thats why cat-eye cages arent the best idea for protection

  • Pancouver venguins
    Pancouver venguins  4 months ago

    If it was like NHL 19 the game it would happen ten times a game lol

  • MrPsychic8472
    MrPsychic8472  4 months ago +4

    Fleury always loses his mask, I remember when he played for the Penguins and lost his glove and went to make a bare handed save. You heard half the rink yelling "Nooo!"

  • J S
    J S  4 months ago

    I remember watch the devils game with Boucher getting the puck in his mask. I feel old lol

  • SuPri5e
    SuPri5e  4 months ago

    Worst part is the ringing and the ambient sounds in your head