My Gf Posted All My Secrets On Her Blog

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019



    Hey! My name’s John. And I have a girlfriend - Trisha. Sometimes she drives me crazy with her explosive temper and uncontrolled jealousy. But she is, you know, very special to me. Recently I did one thing that made her stop talking to me. Here's what happened.

    Trisha and I have so much in common. And since we go to the same school, we have common friends and spend almost all of our free time together. We argue pretty often and I've sort of already gotten used to it and everybody around us doesn't even pay attention to our little fights anymore. I’ll give you an example. Once, she got upset by the fact that I still hadn’t approved her friend request on Facebook. She said, like, we’ve been together for a few months, and she thought I might have been hiding something from her. I tried to explain that I don’t use Facebook that much and when I do, I just look around for some news while not even paying attention to friend requests. But since it was that important to her, I went in and accepted her request.

    The next day she got so dramatic because of every single girl on my Facebook friend list. At first I tried to calm her down explaining that this girl was my distant relative, and that one was my mom’s friend’s daughter, but you know, at some point I also lost my patience and we were just like yelling at each other. I ended up deleting my account hoping to avoid any drama in the future.
    For the next couple of weeks Trisha and I were great. We hadn’t had a single argument. Then, one day she came up to me totally excited and, as they say, with fire in her eyes. She started talking a mile a minute about bloggers on Instagram, showing me their profiles, and saying something about monetization or whatever. When she was done talking I finally understood that she was going to try to become a blogger herself. I knew nothing about blogging, honestly speaking, but according to Trisha it could become an interesting hobby, so “why not,” I thought. At least she’ll be busy with something.

    Nothing bothered me at first. It was even funny, for example, to make a nice joke and then see how many people liked it. But, you know, the farther into the forest… From time to time it was really irritating and annoying when almost every one of our common moves, be it walking or talking, was turned into a video shoot, and then uploaded. Trisha’s major dream at that time was to go viral, but she hadn’t managed to get enough subscribers yet. Soon after her first few tries as a blogger, her temper returned.

    The cornerstone in this story was our anniversary night. It was our first year together and I really badly wanted to surprise my girlfriend, so I bought her that famous Pandora bracelet, a nice bouquet of flowers, and booked a table at our favorite café. I was really inspired, waiting for her to come and see what I’d done, but when she showed up, she was holding her cellphone so that I understood she was broadcasting the moment for her subscribers. I didn’t ruin the evening, but I was far from being happy with being live on Instagram. I gave her my present, trying to keep up. Then she opened the present, showed it to her Insta-public and then, instead of giving me a thank-you-kiss she continued talking to her front-facing camera. That was it. I’ve never felt that humiliated, neglected, and furious at her before.

    Now it was my turn to get hysterical. I shouted at her, saying some offensive stuff like she was far from being a good blogger since she was bad at everything and didn't even have any interesting topics to talk about. You know, words were just flying out of my mouth by themselves, and I wasn’t even thinking about their true meaning. At the end of my passionate and offensive speech I grabbed her phone out of her hands and threw it on the floor. She cried and ran away, not even taking the present I gave her. Everybody else in the restaurant began whispering. Of course, at that point, I seemed to be a monster to them. But it wasn't their lives that were constantly being shown to the public.

    I kept re-thinking about that episode over and over for the rest of that day and even the day after. Even though I wasn’t a hundred percent the one to be blamed, I knew I was certainly the one that needed to take the first step and apologize. At least I owed Trish a new phone, you know. It took my whole savings to buy her a new one and all my will to go to her house and make up with her. I still felt I was right by being mad at her behavior that night, but I had to say it was my entire fault. She was happy that I’d come over and that I bought her a new phone, so we were great again.

    Later that day I decided to open my Facebook account again...

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  • Stephanie Evjen

    John, my boy, I think you'd be better off finding a nice understanding girl instead of someone who is too obsessed with internet fame and fights with you very often. It's just not worth it.

  • Keith Snyder
    Keith Snyder  yesterday

    Fact is I don't think you should get back together. If you get back together you fall into the same cycle of you mistreating each other on social media. She will keep doing it over and over again. You broke the cycle, let it be over.

  • Matthew Yoseph
    Matthew Yoseph  3 days ago

    3:22 sexual abuse

  • Matthew Yoseph
    Matthew Yoseph  3 days ago

    3:2w sexual abuse

  • Veronica S
    Veronica S  7 days ago

    Throw the whole relationship away. This woman sounds completely exhausting.

  • Begüm Nur Dinç
    Begüm Nur Dinç  7 days ago

    Break up with her, man. That will be the best for you two.

  • Ananya Singh
    Ananya Singh  14 days ago

    Don't brkup. It's quite normal to fight sometimes. She's just immature and will change with time.

  • Humaira Isha
    Humaira Isha  14 days ago

    leave her. Just leave her.

  • Cunning Boys
    Cunning Boys  14 days ago

    I watch this to help me sleep. Like if you do this to

  • Anna Martins
    Anna Martins  14 days ago

    His gf is so childish and cringy I can’t even

  • Kacyann Tibby
    Kacyann Tibby  14 days ago

    This relationship is the definition of toxic

  • Jose Torrez
    Jose Torrez  14 days ago

    Dont worry she will never like you ever again

  • Radical JJ
    Radical JJ  14 days ago

    Break up with that bitch right now!

  • Noemi Espin
    Noemi Espin  14 days ago

    Really men break up with her she no good for your mental and sentimental life.

  • Patrick Arbiters123

    Go up to her and talk about what went wrong

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside  21 days ago

    Not that you didn't have reasons to be angry, but the way you handled it was very poor. I'd file this under bad relationship you should never rekindle.

  • Dejohn Gooden
    Dejohn Gooden  21 days ago +1

    I don't think you should date her anymore

    ELLIE BRIGGS  21 days ago

    You need to break up with her

  • Couple Edits
    Couple Edits  21 days ago

    Post a cute picture of her and you looking stupid duh

  • Nasir Family
    Nasir Family  21 days ago

    2:57 Uh is that a Pandora Bracelet
    like if u agree with me
    thx for the likes