Gorillaz - Humility (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 31, 2018
  • ‘Humility' feat. George Benson is taken from the brand new
    album THE NOW NOW. Listen/buy now: http://gorill.az/thenownow

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    Director: Jamie Hewlett
    Co-directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, Evan Silver
    Executive Producer: Bart Yates
    Producers: Ryan Ennis, Georgina Fillmore, Franzi Nicolaus
    Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management.

    Jack Black: as himself
    Bodybuilders: Alex Okafor
    Basketball Players: Dexter Homan, Brent Martin
    Chess Player: Remi Kabaka
    Bad Skater: Will Dewitt
    Roller Skater stand-in: Edgar Khatchatrian
    Production Company: Blinkink
    Production Company: The Line
    Production Company: Ruffian
    Animation: The Line
    Animation Directors: Tim McCourt & Max Taylor
    Executive Producer: James Duveen
    Editor: Robert Rafalat

    Animators: Marlène Beaube, Léonard Bismuth, Maxime Delalande, Tim Dillnutt, Sarah Dhorne, Wesley Louise, Venla Linna, Xavier Ramonède, Pierre Rütz, Alvise Zennaro

    Background Artist: Bjorn Erik-Aschim
    Lead Compositor: Bernardo Varela

    Compositors: Valentina Bartiromo, Guillaume Cassuto, Kye Dorricott, Fiona Lu, Courtney Pryce

    Clean Up Artists: Aude Carpentier, Denise Dean, Angelina De Silva, Michael Douglas, Gerald Gallego, Venla Linna, Toby Parry, Setareh Seto, Isobel Stenhouse

    Production Manager: Max Ross
    Production Assistants: Samia Ahmed, Leana Mae Felipe
    Tech Support: Jack Straw
    Additional Clean Up: Amix
    Rotoscoping: Trace VFX
    Live Production: Ruffian
    Director: Evan Silver
    Executive Producer: Robert Herman
    Head of Production: Sheila Eisenstein
    Production Supervisor: Joshua Hummel
    Director Of Photography: Carlos Veron
    1st AC: Rod Horwitz, Eric Aguilar
    2nd AC: Alan Certeza, Brian Austin
    B-Cam Operator: Joseph Messier
    DIT: JJ Osbourne
    1st AD: Chuck Connors
    2nd AD: Erid Topp, Brent Martin
    Gaffer: Red Hickman
    Key Grip: Michael Koepke
    Grips: Ryan Sparling, Danny Carillo, Adam Flore
    Production Designer: Chris Yager
    Wardrobe: Scott Ludden
    Hair/Make-Up: Amy Hanlin
    Grading Facilities: Time Based Arts
    Colourist: Simone Grattarola
    Executive Producer Colour: Tom Jones
    Location Manager: Scott Ludden
    Sound Design: Offset Audio
    Engineer: Claire Bilyard


  • Justin Y.  (Jan 4, 2019)

    Jack Black looks a lot like Jablinski Games

  • Justin Y. I’m gonna say the n word, with a hard R.

  • Elmexican 456  (17 hours ago)

    Seth Van de wiel it is him

  • Mackalen Vaughn  (Dec 28, 2018)

    Another example of Jack Black needing absolutely 0 context ever

  • Whodaloc  (1 day ago)

    I could be at the beach and see Jack Black using dolphins as water skis while strumming a lute and would only wonder what song he was playing.

  • GameIt Right  (3 days ago)

    @Fire puppies the good kind

  • icemasterk  (Feb 8, 2019)

    Jack Black wasn’t asked to be in this, the film crew just caught him on a normal day.

  • Pizz υωυ  (1 day ago)

    Otamabread literally if it was anybody else I wouldn’t have believed it 💀

  • Otamabread  (1 day ago)

    Pizz υωυ It’s Jack Black of all people, I’m not surprised you thought it was true.

  • Hwaiyung & Co.  (Dec 28, 2018)

    *just a 40 year old trying to stay fit*

  • +True SUCE in phase five at least

  • True SUCE  (2 days ago)

    Hwaiyung & Co. wait 2-D’s FOURTY

  • 2D Animation is not dead.

  • ツPlasma  (6 hours ago)

    You mean 2D animation in general or 2-D from Gorillaz being animated in 2D?

  • Melmon Smith  (2 days ago)

    No one ever said that

  • Mudz  (Jan 6, 2019)

    How can you be 40 and still a Twink

  • TransistorSnack  (1 day ago)

    +Ovline oh my bad

  • Ovline  (1 day ago)

    +TransistorSnack they meant 2d

  • Sorberhalo1  (Jan 3, 2019)

    Gorrilaz rule1:include bath2 : have one green person 3 : 2-d has to be very tall4; no more unicorns

  • Akemi Sakamaki  (19 hours ago)

    999 likes. Lets flip that upside down.

  • Cancerous  (Feb 8, 2019)

    +Oval Circles Airsoft is there a problem with artists colabing?

  • Ultimate A.B  (Jan 4, 2019)

    Gorillaz: We need a good, funny actor for this part..hmmmm.*Jack black has entered the chat*

  • Martu  (Feb 7, 2019)


  • DJCosmic  (Jan 29, 2019)

    I need a tenacious D/Gorillaz crossover

  • micha  (Dec 28, 2018)

    3:09 2d’s eyes go from white to black *are we not going to talk about this??*

  • THESimon_videos  (1 day ago)

    +The Nerderer ты русский знаешь?

  • Yea I saw that, I legit said “RUSSLE YOU ASS-YOU MADE HIM MAD” or something like that

  • thatonevampire  (May 31, 2018)

    No matter how old she is, Noodle's smile will never not be adorable.

  • adrian  (1 day ago)

    but her chin, oh fuck

  • steven hausman  (2 days ago)