Eating With My DAD!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
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    Thank you very much to 23andMe for sponsoring this video. Learning about my ancestry and discovering some of my taste preferences, and comparing them with my Dad, was fascinating. He and I both had a great time meeting and eating. We happen to be traveling in Ghana, and my Dad happened to be in Nairobi, Kenya for a few days having some meetings, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity, to meet my Dad. Luckily it all worked out smoothly!

    Accra, Ghana

    Waakye - 8 GHC ($1.80) - Waakye is a popular Ghanaian food / meal, and that’s what we started the day with. You get rice and beans, a number of other starches, and some tomato sauce stew and meats, all piled high into a leaf bowl. It was delicious!

    Makola Market - Next we visited Makola Market, the largest and most energetic market in Accra. It’s a must visit, to see the energy and life at the market.

    The Accra Arts Center - Finally, we stopped off at the Accra Arts Center to buy a few things before leaving in at night.

    Accra to Nairobi - We had a late night flight, and we landed early at sunrise to cool Nairobi!

    After checking into a hotel just for 1 night, we took a quick hour nap, and then jumped into a taxi to go meet my Dad who was staying at a guesthouse.

    It was great to see my Dad and at the guesthouse we compared our ancestry and our taste preference.

    Then we went to go eat some Kenyan food, which was a highlight. Now do you know where I got my love for food from?

    Java House coffee - Finally, as you already know, I have a tendency to enjoy caffeine, and so does my Dad. So it was only right to stop for a cup of coffee to finish.

    Thank you for watching, and again, a big thank you to for sponsoring this video.


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  • Mark Wiens
    Mark Wiens  a years ago +1422

    Big thank you to 23andMe for sponsoring this video. Check them out here: More Ghana food videos coming next!

  • XxShay_ShayX Shayan
    XxShay_ShayX Shayan  37 minutes ago

    You spelled meeting wrong you said meating

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    debbie sookdeo  2 hours ago

    I love your show maybe you can do one with you r mom

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    Summer Bright  22 hours ago

    How come you are very familiar with Swahili is it the easiest African language so far for you obviously you’ve been around Africa travelling around Africa but you seem to use phases of Swahili fascinating l enjoy your showe thanks

  • Charlotte Ternent

    nice food you eating

  • Hope Morrison
    Hope Morrison  yesterday

    It’s modern day why don’t u guys use a spoon

  • Laurence Burgos

    Hey bro, I was surprised that your dad is left handed when eating bare hands...same here, i use my left hand when eating w/o spoon or fork...and guess what I, i got that trait from my dad.. 😁, this is just an awesome video, I'm BIG a follower of your vlogs. More projects to come for you bro.

  • Colleen Walter
    Colleen Walter  yesterday

    I just stumbled across one of your videos and I’m hooked- thank you for sharing your world travels, food journeys and your awesome family!

  • Christina Holguin

    Haha you get the thumbs up from your dad. Micah should be following after you.

  • samira r
    samira r  2 days ago

    The wiens' eat with their hands, ghanayan dude not me that' s old school 😂

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    That coffee look good son!💯👍😁 so sweet how much you love and admire your dad.

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    The lady with the garden eggs is beautiful with a lovely spirit 💕

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  • Mallu Food and Recipes

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