Intense Ab Workout | 7 Minutes (FOLLOW ALONG!)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • Build Muscle in 90 Days - to this channel here - you want to develop six pack abs you may think that you have to spend hours a day trying to get one. That is not the case at all. If you are able to commit to a consistent but short effort you will be amazed at how much better your abs could look in a short period of time when combined with a focused attention to what you eat as well.In this video, I have a short 7 minute ab workout for you to do along with me. As you will see and feel, an ab workout does not have to be long to be effective. As a matter of fact, I would probably say that the longer the ab workout goes, the less effective it becomes. The key to this working is that it is short enough to allow you to do it on a regular basis without having to fight to schedule it into your day.Remember, the key to getting a six pack is consistency. Now, don’t think that just because you might be doing the same set of exercises that it is becoming less effective. It is not. The choice of ab exercises in this workout is broad enough so as to cover all of the major functions of the abs. There are bottom up movements that better hit the lower abs. There are rotational movements that are initiated from the bottom up and the top down to really hit the rotation capabilities of the core muscles.There are also top down movements where the shoulders are lifted off of the ground as opposed to the legs, which are situated at the end of the workout to allow you to keep training your abs when they are fatigued. When there are purposeful ab exercises in your workouts they do not have to be long.The point of this video is to give you a follow along ab workout that you can do anywhere. There are no special pieces of equipment needed to do this. All you need is your body and some space on the floor. You might actually need a bit more than that, and that would be a heavy dose of determination to try and resist the burn of these exercises as you do them. Remember, the pain from ab training is usually only temporary. As soon as finish the exercise and the lactic acid starts to clear the abdominal muscles, you feel normal again.See if you can follow the entire ab workout along with me, resting when I do. If you need extra rest for some reason, don’t be bashful - take it. Maybe you can only do 40 seconds of one of the 60 second exercises. That’s ok, do what you can and rest for the remainder of that exercise. As you get stronger on these you will be able to do the whole thing without extra rest. Here is the ab workout as follows:Seated Ab Circles Left x 60 secondsSeated Ab Circles Right x 60 secondsDrunken Mountain Climbers x 60 secondsRest 30 secondsMarching Planks x 60 secondsScissors x 60 secondsStarfish Crunch x 30 secondsRest 30 secondsRussian V Tuck Twists x 30 secondsSo there is an ab workout you can do at home with no equipment that will get you started on getting that six pack you’ve always wanted. If you want to speed up the process you will want to make sure your diet is in place as well. If you want a step by step meal plan to get you ripped fast, head to http:/ and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.For more ab workout videos that you can follow for a six pack, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at and be sure to turn on notifications so you never miss when something new is posted.


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  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones  9 months ago +3487

    30 seconds rest. Still my favorite exercise. Could do this for an hour.

  • Quantum Massless
    Quantum Massless  3 months ago +1845

    This isn't a replay of a video. Every time you watch it, it's Jeff doing it live.

  • Jordan Schlansky
    Jordan Schlansky  3 months ago +1500

    Day 26 of following Jeff’s workout:
    I can see through walls.

  • Lyndsey Coyle
    Lyndsey Coyle  4 months ago +1673

    Jeff: says he's dying but maintains perfect form and never slows down
    Jeff: has done this once already
    Me: abs are burning because my laptop is hot on top of them

  • Flo Horton
    Flo Horton  2 months ago +857

    1 like = one day of workout
    Please like I need motivation

  • Black Marble
    Black Marble  4 months ago +738

    Its all peaches until you hear "starfish crunches starting in 5.." in your headphones.

  • Pedram Saleh
    Pedram Saleh  yesterday +2

    Jeff: "I could do these for an hour" then 30 seconds later "my abs are killing me" 😂
    Thanks for the great video Jeff! I use it almost daily.

  • Justin Hart
    Justin Hart  3 months ago +476

    This is not the kind of scissoring video I'm used to.

  • John Sbisa
    John Sbisa  3 months ago +417

    How can you dislike a video that gives you a free workout? Thanks to Jeff's follow-alongs, my days searching for ab exercises to do are over.

  • volimNestea
    volimNestea  9 months ago +2735

    Jeff: Good job guys!
    Me (been sitting the entire time): Aww, thanks man!

  • E OJ
    E OJ  3 months ago +551

    Me: Closes video
    Me: Searches “BEGINNER” ab-workout

  • Jack Mitchell
    Jack Mitchell  4 months ago +186

    Stop hiding in the comments and get those gains! 💯💯

  • Bunzy Bunzy
    Bunzy Bunzy  4 months ago +278

    Today marks the day I could complete this.

  • Kalman Heyn
    Kalman Heyn  2 months ago +618

    2:43 is the beginning of the workout

  • Asaali4Sweet
    Asaali4Sweet  2 months ago +143

    Me: I'm going to start this today, will post results at the end of my 1st week.
    1 week later: I'm going to start this today, will post results at the end of my 1st week.

  • Kaustubh Gargelwar
    Kaustubh Gargelwar  2 months ago +91

    Person: "How poor are you?"
    Me: "I do my workout listening to the sound of the application lady talking in this video cuz I can't pay for the application itself."

  • Christiano Rubaldo
    Christiano Rubaldo  2 months ago +77

    If you play this at 2xs the speed... we get a master 3.5 minute ab blaster series.

  • Blue Blue
    Blue Blue  3 months ago +56

    I could do this for an hour... or maybe not
    Me: I could do this for a minute... or maybe not

  • A friendly spazmoid
    A friendly spazmoid  2 months ago +69

    That first exercise absolutely killed my hip flexors I need to strengthen my abs