How a video game can invade your dreams

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 9, 2018
  • Tetris Effect is a new version of the classic puzzle game, coming exclusively to the PS4. But the Tetris Effect is also a known psychological phenomenon, one which influenced the design of the new game.Subscribe to our YouTube channel! us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: for more gaming and entertainment coverage, visit


  • Simone de Rochefort
    Simone de Rochefort  9 months ago +222


    KEROPUNX  9 months ago +59

    First playthrough of Dark Souls I was stuck on Gravelord Nito, and I was playing for hours before I quit and went to bed. In my dreams I was still playing Dark Souls and made a holy weapon and beat Nito. When I woke up I immediately booted the game up and tried my strategy I had learned in my dreams and beat Nito with ease. Dreams are basically survival mechanisms. They allow us to simulate our environment so we gain experiences without actually doing anything. We don't do a lot of hunting/gathering these days so our dreams simulate other sort of problems our brains are trying to solve, like how to get that good good T-Spin ya know what im sayyiinnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Maja Laanemäe
    Maja Laanemäe  9 months ago +53

    Oh ya i play minecraft for five days and then i dream about it for weeks

  • LaiTingFei
    LaiTingFei  9 months ago +57

    So did ya'll listen to this weeks Wonderful?

  • hey its me jop
    hey its me jop  9 months ago +88

    3:59 god where have i heard that sound effect before it's driving me mad

  • Lazergrenade
    Lazergrenade  9 months ago +53

    This video is Wonderful!

  • Resulka
    Resulka  9 months ago +38

    I get the Tetris effect a lot but not really Tetris but Sudoku. Completely unsolvable Sudoku.

  • Chung02
    Chung02  9 months ago +27

    I remember going for a cycle after spending three whole days inside playing Diablo non-stop. While I was on the road, I saw two cars, one red on the left of my vision, and one blue on the right of my vision. They caused my brain to recall the health and mana orbs on the sides of the screen in the game in a highly disorienting way. It dazed me, taking me out of reality for a split second, and I began to swerve before regaining control, but I nearly fell over. It was pretty dramatic.

  • Kevin
    Kevin  8 months ago +10

    I played skyrim for days straight and I couldn't sleep because i kept seeing Skyrim UI interfaces in my tired reality

  • Angela Quinton
    Angela Quinton  9 months ago +25

    This video just sold me the game. Thank you!

  • Alejandro Simian
    Alejandro Simian  9 months ago +13

    Holy shit!!!! I started to get way into tetris like 2 months ago and for the first week all I could dream about was TETRIS BLOCKS WTF??? I didnt know it was a phenomenon with a name and everything until now!!! This is insane news for me I really thought I was going insane lmao

  • Tiger Bears
    Tiger Bears  9 months ago +17

    Well, that explains why I have regularly seen Destiny raid bosses in my dreams.

  • Rebecca Graves
    Rebecca Graves  9 months ago +24

    So has anyone else had the Tetris Effect with other games? I used to always get it with Dr Mario (which is understandable, because it's a bit of a similar type of game), but also World 1.1 of Super Mario Bros. When I was anxious or couldn't sleep, I would close my eyes and picture myself playing through World 1.1 and it would quiet my brain enough to sleep.

  • Rebecca Graves
    Rebecca Graves  9 months ago +11

    Somehow even though I love Tetris, I had managed to not see one second about this game until I watched this video. And then I immediately drove to the store & bought it. Thanks Clayton! Thanks Polygon! 👍

  • Luke Evenson
    Luke Evenson  9 months ago +14

    I got the Tetris effect when I used to play Minecraft a lot

  • vuuvovuuv
    vuuvovuuv  9 months ago +8

    i can't believe tetris is the game that finally makes me wanna give vr a try

  • alexei kovalev
    alexei kovalev  9 months ago +8

    honestly? i absolutely love these videos narrated/done by clayton-- they are SO engaging and informative, and he has a wonderful narration style.

  • アルトpbrgh
    アルトpbrgh  9 months ago +5

    i've got this effect for solitaire, of all things. i can't stop playing solitaire, and all my nightmares have been replaced by sorting cards over each other. i guess it's a good thing haha

  • Turi Kvisle
    Turi Kvisle  9 months ago +7

    I had this bad with Fruit Ninja a while back. I would see fruit bouncing and slice them, and even make mistakes, which is kinda weird. You'd think I'd be able to play perfectly in my dreams.

  • ultra lord
    ultra lord  9 months ago +3

    I bought this game last night around 12am and I literally played until 6am. Like wtf happened to the time???