How a video game can invade your dreams

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 9, 2018
  • Tetris Effect is a new version of the classic puzzle game, coming exclusively to the PS4. But the Tetris Effect is also a known psychological phenomenon, one which influenced the design of the new game.

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  • JeralDiePie
    JeralDiePie  21 days ago

    I'm Chilean (Spanish Languaged) but I can understand every word without even using the Subtitles :D

    Reply this comment with a "YACT" (You Already Commented This), if I, bruh, I already said it, because I can't seem to find the last comment

  • Chloe Dysart
    Chloe Dysart  28 days ago

    That explains why I dreamt about stardew valley lol

  • ShanJ Cosplay
    ShanJ Cosplay  28 days ago

    Weirdly enough, I get Tetris Effect with Star Wars. It’s weird to think about/explain, but it’s basically a lot of floating through various maps in Star Wars games (KOTOR and SWTOR mostly), and some areas seen on screen. They vary based on what I’ve done that day (played/worked/etc), and there’s some correlation to my mental state as well. I’m normally a lucid dreamer, and I also have spent a lot of time looking at maps and cross sections. I think the weirdest experience I’ve had though was after a day playing Elite Dangerous, where in my mind I just sat in my ship and delivered cargo while I slept. I felt like I could feel the gravity changes, and I woke up a tad nauseous.

  • Ivys Meadow
    Ivys Meadow  a months ago


  • Capslok23342
    Capslok23342  a months ago

    boys, i can load older saves of my own dreams.

  • Cosmic Catplant
    Cosmic Catplant  3 months ago +1

    I dream of bloodborne monsters sometimes

  • Ruby Parker
    Ruby Parker  5 months ago

    I mean this is neat and all but it's a little bit frightening to me as someone with really detrimental adhd that video games literally plan how to engross players for as long as possible it's already so hard to switch off and do other things I don't like that at all...

  • Kazuma - kun
    Kazuma - kun  6 months ago

    I'm getting in the zone just watching this.

  • Felix C
    Felix C  7 months ago

    I used to regularly have The Tetris Effect for Pokémon Go-it was pretty interesting

  • Thuliumify
    Thuliumify  8 months ago

    That transition at the beginning 😍

  • Mirias Gates
    Mirias Gates  8 months ago

    God it hurt to watch that Tetris gameplay

  • Takeshi
    Takeshi  8 months ago

    Tetris’ bizarre adventure

  • Zhin Hoang
    Zhin Hoang  9 months ago

    Omg i have been dreaming about tetris for 2 weeks now because i have been replaying it for a month

  • Lunablivion
    Lunablivion  10 months ago

    Been having it a lot thanks to KH3 lately lol

  • Paul Maria
    Paul Maria  10 months ago

    After playing Borderlands three days straight I only had dreams about war and shootings. It was like experiencing Vietnam flashbacks and was kinda creepy. You know, blood and limbs flying here and there

  • Whatzit Tuuyah
    Whatzit Tuuyah  10 months ago

    I once fell asleep while playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and as I was slipping into that dream state I vividly dreamt that I was playing Yoshi's Island on the GBA. So vividly, in fact, that it took me months to figure out which game I had actually been playing and which one was the dream.

  • Starry Handfish
    Starry Handfish  11 months ago

    not to be that snotty guy but i'm genuinely curious how the amnesiacs told anyone what they saw in the hypnagogic state. did they pull themselves out of it immediately?

  • Goosh Buddy
    Goosh Buddy  11 months ago +1

    i get this with fire emblem's chapter maps, but also when fully awake and zoning out
    it also happens with any other simplistically styled video games im currently obsessed with

  • _I'm Not Loss_
    _I'm Not Loss_  11 months ago +1

    Short video gets ad revenue the game

    LETHAOINK  11 months ago

    I’ve been doing math at school for 13 years, don’t see it in my dreams at all