Tragic Idealism: Why we should pity Daenerys Targaryen

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • In light of last week's war crime, many have names Daenerys to be the true villain of Game of Thrones. But today I'm going a bit of a more controversial route, and dubbing our Mad Queen to be the story's tragic hero. So let's look at her arc through the lenses of Shakespeare, Marxism, and Don Quixote, to determine why Daenerys Targaryen was always doomed.

    Please watch to the end before commenting.


  • Popistan Iuliu
    Popistan Iuliu  7 days ago

    Dany had to deal with the inherited label of "Mad King's Daughter/foreign invader". And she did. The north supported her through Jon - and of course not every northerner, especially since northerners kind of only trust northerners. Except when Torrhen Stark bend the knee and they accepted Aegon Targaryen as their king. The iron born supported her, Dorne supported her.
    And after she'd traveled north and helped in the fight against the Walkers, a victory like that should have spread like wildfire among the common people. So naturally, starting with season 8 episode 4, Dany should have had the absolut support of the common people. The "Mad King's Daughter/foreign invader" fought and won the Great War for Westeros, with great casualties on her side.
    And the problem of the rightful heir was never a problem in the first place. Jon being a Targaryen meant that the Targaryen dynasty/family line had to continue. Jon being a Targaryen should have been an extra reason for them to be together - in the world of Westeros.
    But sadly, the last season of GoT did not take place in Westeros anymore...

  • Julia Dawnyel
    Julia Dawnyel  7 days ago

    Him killing her makes.him a coward she was trusting hated ending making them both villians

  • Dorian Gipson
    Dorian Gipson  7 days ago

    People act like she’s the villain the whole concept of game of thrones is not a hero or villain it’s about understanding each characters morals and goals which makes them complex especially in the books

  • ella mcmillan
    ella mcmillan  1 months ago

    I think she was depressed towards the end.

  • SportsFan_9630
    SportsFan_9630  1 months ago

    The problem with the Daenerys Targaryen character is this society's unwillingness to be honest about white women and how they are depicted as WHITE JESUS SAVIORS! Everything Dany did was for her own benefit. She "liberated" the slaves so that they'd side with her when she claimed the Throne. She was the most problematic character, by far, because of this common White Jesus Savior trope that is a persistent theme in Western cinema and writings. She was always tragic. It's just that we in society have a very difficult time accepting white women as anything but sweet and innocent. Self sacrificing for the common good. Everything was about HER. Everything was about "her Throne"---not about the greater good.

  • Fernando rocha
    Fernando rocha  1 months ago

    If we should pity Daenerys Targaryen, then ... we must also pity Mao Zedong, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, Robespierre, Marat, and all the revolutionaries who have come to the conclusion that killing thousands or millions is justified for bring paradise on earth !

  • Olga Efremov
    Olga Efremov  1 months ago

    Great work!!! Thank you. :)
    I am so happy there are people like us who can still see things multidimentionaly!

  • Dorian Gipson
    Dorian Gipson  1 months ago

    I think Emilia Clarke deserves an Emmy for this year especially for episode 5 and 6 that speech gave me chills

  • WateverWatever04
    WateverWatever04  1 months ago +1

    This is my favourite take.

  • Seán Houlihan
    Seán Houlihan  2 months ago

    This explanation made me feel so much better about Daenerys' story. Thank you.

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis  2 months ago

    I like your comparison of Daenerys with Don Quixote, but have you considered her as a Julius Ceasar type? Jon made the same decision that Brutus made when faced with murdering Ceasar who he was good friends with. (Tyrion plays Cassius, talking Jon into the decision to murder the tyrant before more damage can be done.) you can almost see it in her face, “Et tu, Jon?”

  • CrimsonBlade 28013
    CrimsonBlade 28013  2 months ago

    "We should pity Dany." I would if the show gave me that chance. But nope.

  • V Midhun reddy
    V Midhun reddy  2 months ago

    Wow.. the analysis is just perfect..

  • Smuusik
    Smuusik  2 months ago

    I will start thinking about what I think about Dany's story when the books finish. The show's execution was just dreadfully incompetent.

  • titus diodoros
    titus diodoros  2 months ago

    The end of this video gave me chills. Her detractors always forget how idealistic she was.

  • Princess Jess
    Princess Jess  3 months ago

    Fly, woman! Fly 😍😍

  • Illyasviel
    Illyasviel  3 months ago

    i could never pity that dumbass mary sue lol daenerys fans are just salty that after 7 seasons of getting everything she wants thrown at her she didnt also get the throne. period.

  • Cat Santiago
    Cat Santiago  3 months ago

    i would appreciate it if she was shown in the end being brought to a peaceful place with the red door (symbolically) by Drogo, probably show a vision of being reunited with Khal, accomplishing her conquest. She fell to the trap, but her legacy will remain! she would have been a queen sentenced to death but given honor an as a hero. Just like the assassin movie "Hero" which was declared a hero.

  • Epi Endless
    Epi Endless  3 months ago

    I really enjoyed this. I've been mostly avoiding videos about why Daenerys burned King's Landing, because it seems like such low-hanging fruit, but you really did the subject justice.

  • nietzsche77666
    nietzsche77666  3 months ago +1

    This matches my own thoughts about the intent behind DT's character arc very well. The thing is... I could come up with a lot of these conclusions just by watching the show, so despite seeing some flaws and blunders here and there myself, I didn't really have that much of a problem with the execution overall.

    The main lesson creators should learn from all the drama about S8 is: Is your show adressing a mainstream audience of millions? Spell everything out as fuck! Never expect people to read between the lines, interpret anything or draw their own conclusions that are not exactly pushed onto you by what's going on on the telly screen. Do that or they will want to have your writers' heads on a pike in the aftermath.