Tragic Idealism: Why we should pity Daenerys Targaryen

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • In light of last week's war crime, many have names Daenerys to be the true villain of Game of Thrones. But today I'm going a bit of a more controversial route, and dubbing our Mad Queen to be the story's tragic hero. So let's look at her arc through the lenses of Shakespeare, Marxism, and Don Quixote, to determine why Daenerys Targaryen was always doomed.Please watch to the end before commenting.


  • Abstract Daddy  1 months ago

    This is the best interpretation of what the writer's were TRYING to go for.

  • mdub2000  5 days ago

    @kblsh ???? can you explain more?

  • damanamathos  24 days ago

    @Marcos Danilo I don't think it's out of context.In this scene -- -- she takes control of Meereen then proceeds to crucify a lot of people after she's already won (and against Ser Barristan Selmy's advice). It shows she's fine being cruel (while thinking she's righteous) and is happy to treat people as a single group.This seems consistent with punishing the population of King's Landing for not surrending earlier. If they really loved her (as she was told when youn...

  • Red Dreamer  a months ago

    We should pity Daenerys for being slaughtered by bad writing.

  • Yes!!!!

  • D Deimos  9 days ago

    @Melodyofthesea78 villain is way too childish characterization of Daenerys. There's no villains in GOT. She's a conqueror. She's no villain. Look; Arya for example. What kind of human being serves human's pie and makes the father eat his sons? That's way too much evil and psycho. Seriously that kid is like hannibal or something. She's a very strange and evil figure if you think about it. Daenerys would never do such cruelty. See? There's a vast grey area around every character.

  • Daenerys is imo the most tragic character in GoT. I understand why she went mad. Feeling alone in the world can bring the worst parts of ourselves. But , that said Emilia Clarke did a fantastic job throughout the entire series. She did inadvertently break the wheel like she wanted to. It's just sad she can't see it.

  • Well said. I mourn her and her dragons.

  • Adam Macontosh  9 days ago

    She never suffered more than Theon or Stannis

  • Tywin Lannister  28 days ago

    Bran warged Daenerys mad and then got Throne for himself... that was all his evil master plan

  • Alexandre Beaudry  3 days ago

    It's more likely he warg Drogon and let everything happen. He did nothing to prevent the massacre in King Landing and did not talk to Jon about Daenarys after it.It think the ending when he say he will look for Drogon was supposed to be a revealed that he had warg the dragon before. Maybe he did warg the dragon just after Daenarys's death. It could be the only time he knew how to do it because the dragon was not link to anyone anymore.Or maybe he started warging them when Daenarys and Jon kiss.War...

  • Wassoll Das  24 days ago

    @Gboy George RR Martin spoonfed his audience with her madness by making her a POV character. And we learn about some strange antics she has in her mind. He also gave her Dragon Dreams, where the little girl is burned to ashes and rises as a dragon and all that. And whenever she doubts she should do something she repeats "if I look back, I am lost" over and over again, in her mind. Cant be healthy person. All this "spoon feeding" from the books is missing in the show.

  • Erin Gaughn  1 months ago

    I think also she completely bought into her brother's insistence that they were entitled to the throne and to be obeyed by all. In all fairness, it could be argued that she was brain washed from an early age to believe this and things we're taught from early childhood die hard.

  • Lisa S  23 days ago

    Panther God We can agree this is a fantasy. With that said, read this at your leisure:

  • Panther God  23 days ago

    @Lisa S she burnt children alive.......

  • Romel  29 days ago

    She just wanted to go home and in the process of her journey she lost herself. R.I.P Queen.

  • ChickBalboa  13 days ago

    @Tanner Wagner That's why it's extra-tragic that people kept pushing her to go to Westeros, telling her the Iron Throne was stolen from her and she had to get it back.In Essos she was a beloved queen with a stable mental state, but other people pressured her to put herself at risk for their own gain, and as a result she lost her children, her lover, her throne and her sanity. Deep down all she wanted was freedom, peace and a family.I guess I just wanted to see her stand up to the Westerosi and tell t...

  • Tanner Wagner  13 days ago

    @ChickBalboa Well she's referring to her stolen inheritance. Her family accumulated so much from being a dynasty for three hundred years, and poof, it's all gone. Yeah i'd be pissed too. Family heirlooms all gone. Nothing to keep as a token from her mother, etc. But i do agree that Viserys was abusive, and it was really his dream to obtain the iron throne. But you can't deny that her homeland was taken from her, her having a "normal" childhood (by not having to flee assassins) was taken from ...

  • ELITERgamersUK  29 days ago

    I assume this was George R. R. Martin's intent when handing off the idea to D&D, but the execution was just awful.

  • iwantgoals 15  24 days ago

    ELITERgamersUK Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • AngelusX92  26 days ago

    hes hone on record saying some things are the same others not. he will write it and let people argue on the internet

  • Brianna Weeks  28 days ago

    Great analysis. I don’t see this as controversial at all. This is exactly how I saw it. She is the ultimate grey character. Tragically beautiful.

  • misty day  26 days ago

    Brianna Weeks yes!!!

  • AlphaMineron  29 days ago

    Daenerys Stormborn did fly higher than the wind and in our hearts, she's still riding Drogon. The Mother of Dragons, the Last Targaryen... the Tragic Kind Queen.

  • AlphaMineron  9 days ago

    ​@the honorable eddard stark Well I agree with most of what you're saying.But I'd still wanna stand by the "Jon is a treasonous whore" statement.Your description of the Mad Queen is brilliant and by that description, the only reason Jon is a bitch is, well you said it, he had to be manipulated by Tyrion to do the right thing.However, that's not what really happened on the show. It was supposed to happen like that, the Mad Queen was supposed to be like that but the WRITERS FAILED HORRIBLY...

  • @AlphaMineron How did Jon betray his own family? Dany was clearly mad with power and was going to keep burning cities to the ground until she had total control. He did what needed to be done. He killed Dany so his *true* family, the only family he's known since birth, would be protected from having a delusional tyrant subjugating them and the rest of the world. He didn't betray Ned. Ned didn't fight to protect the Targaryens, are you serious? He fought to depose Targ rule. He didn't care about T...

  • Fatima Aziz  28 days ago

    I think her character's ending on the show begs one of the most important questions out there : "How do you defeat a monster without becoming one?"

  • Renee Lasswell  3 days ago

    Stare long enough into the abyss and the abyss stares back.

  • Alexandre Beaudry  3 days ago

    If you think about it it's the conclusion of Jon Snow's arc. Defeating a monster without becoming one. I think all the Stark now carry the burden of the fall of Daenarys and even if they get what they wished it's at a great cost.