I Built a 'Scream Box' So My Girlfriend Won't Go Crazy

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 18, 2017
  • Twitter is filled with so much sad news, that it can ruin anyone’s day. So for Christmas, I made a SCREAM BOX for my girlfriend, so she can view Twitter and let out all of her unfiltered screams.
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    Thank you Life Noggin (http://youtube.com/lifenoggin) for making the incredible opening animation and Peter Vass for helping me edit this! And of course, thank you Miel (http://youtube.com/mielmonster) for being part of this video!
    *Miel was not actually hurt in this video. The hospital photo was from a few years ago.

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  • Milos Vandelanoitte
    Milos Vandelanoitte  21 days ago

    That's screen so close to your eyes is bad.

  • jenna
    jenna  21 days ago

    As I’ve scrolled through the comments I am seeing a SEVERE lack of CONCERN for our beloved Miel. He didn’t know so it’s not his fault, that’s probably the cutest present in the world, BUT OH MY GOSH, was she okay? Was she actually passed out? Just a concerned viewer who loves both of your channels and wants you to be safe and okay.

  • Umut Mesci
    Umut Mesci  2 months ago

    Someone probably thinks he is a murderer wanting the neighbours not to know about his endeavours for wanting to buy material to filter screams.

  • Dee Aziz
    Dee Aziz  2 months ago

    Is that really work?? I go through trauma and feel like something stuck deep inside my chest. I feel like I want scream continuously for an hour but Maybe my roommate or neighbors will think I’m crazy or unstable.

  • Katie Marigold
    Katie Marigold  4 months ago

    He totally fucked her while she wore that box. Lmao. Sorry...its just...how could you not think about that? 🤣😅

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe  4 months ago

    360 seconds of what

  • Rebecca Hollman
    Rebecca Hollman  5 months ago

    This combined all my favorite aspects of HGTV

  • Greeny
    Greeny  5 months ago


  • E. Afton
    E. Afton  6 months ago


  • Super Saiyan Goku
    Super Saiyan Goku  6 months ago

    Get your emo back!

  • m i l l a moo
    m i l l a moo  6 months ago

    Her name is honey 🍯

  • someone random
    someone random  6 months ago +2

    it looks like boxman and you know it...

  • tmaylyn
    tmaylyn  7 months ago

    Yo it’s the box man


  • Jazz
    Jazz  7 months ago

    I thought I could get some help on the street
    I got run over by a fucking Jeep The rest of this mess I will not repeat
    To help keep your lunch, I've been discrete (Old smosh fans will know the next lyrics)

  • Jazz
    Jazz  7 months ago

    Boxman has got a girlfriend Boxman, Boxman, Boxman has got a boyfriend?

  • Seth Blair
    Seth Blair  7 months ago

    Boa woman

  • Dead
    Dead  8 months ago

    Like mic profile pic

  • Retro Bit
    Retro Bit  8 months ago

    Thumbs Up if Blocko from Life Noggin sent you here!

  • guynamedjoeFTW
    guynamedjoeFTW  8 months ago +1

    Marshmello has a competitor.

  • go hutieu
    go hutieu  8 months ago +1

    oh yeah